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3 Ways to Feel Grounded & Strong Enough to Face Life

Would you like to feel stronger, more grounded, to cope with social anxiety and uncertainty?

Eva Fidgeon : ‘ Trauma triggers transformation.’

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Eva shares how her own experience caused her to look deeply at her resistance to embrace her darker side.

  • It’s ok to get your hands ‘dirty’and face your duality - good and bad are all part of nature.
  • Awareness of your shadow brings freedom. Become familiar with your dark side..
  • Show-up as yourself; to accept and integrate every part of your life can lead to deep inner strength.

Aideen Ni Riada Wolpe : ‘Know that your voice matters!’

Aideen explores strategies for better communication through a deeper self-acceptance.

  • Work with your voice to heal your fear of being seen.
  • Find out who you are and what you value through music and songs.
  • Embrace your unique sound to develop the confidence to speak up and stand out in life.

Justin Eade : ‘Experience and Embodiment makes you Stronger.’

Justin shares pragmatic tips and strategies on grounding, feeling safe and working with your body.

  • Self-acceptance is key to feeling energised and self-empowered.
  • Authenticity helps to build resilience, amongst social anxiety, so you come out stronger.
  • Connecting your three energy centres, gives you the strength to stand up tall, be grounded and
    speak your truth.

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