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Your Holistic Academy Team

John Donnelly Director
John Donnelly

John started his personal development journey over 30 years ago when he left the safety of employment and set out in business for himself.  Over many years, he experienced a rollercoaster ride in business and personal life, met some inspired leaders and experienced many stressful and challenging circumstances that helped develop his never give up spirit. Personal growth became a necessity when he realised how tough it was to survive in business. He quickly embraced the positivity and welcomed spending time around high achievers. John has a strong business and accountancy background, however over the last 10 years he has trained as a Bio Energy Therapist and is currently training to be an Infinite Tai-chi teacher.  John is the visionary behind Your Holistic Academy.  The idea for Your Holistic Academy came from a series of conversations with business professionals and holistic practitioners. After a profound energetic transformation on his own personal spiritual journey, he started with the intention to enrich the lives of others by sharing his inspiring journey of self-empowerment. The many professional holistic service providers John came to know, and love inspired him to create a support platform where he could share his vision of empowering others. The collaboration of business and holistic professionals on the same platform seemed the obvious solution.

Seamus Power
Board of Advisors Member

Following a long and successful corporate career, having worked in a variety of customer facing, team leadership and senior business management roles, Seamus experienced at first hand the stresses and strains of living in an increasingly busy and, at times, chaotic world.

Based on this work and life experience, Seamus became convinced that the rate of change and the pressure many people were experiencing in their daily lives was simply unsustainable and having a detrimental impact on an increasing number of people’s quality of life and overall health. In Seamus’ case he noticed an increase in his weight, the occurrence of regular migraine headaches and generally being less happy with life.

With this in mind, Seamus made some small, but significant, lifestyle tweaks and tunes which helped restore his quality of life, performance and health. With this success, Seamus turned his attention to helping others make similar life-changing tweaks and tunes and completed BA Humanities and MSc Health Psychology on the way to founding Powering Health.

Seamus is now using his experience and his knowledge to help people take back control and restore their ideal life balance in a very deliberate and proactive way.

Patrick Mercie
Patrick Mercie
Membership Engagement Officer

A few things you might want to know about Patrick Mercie. And it’s all kind of quirky (in a good way) 😊

1– He is from Belgium and therefore an authority on Chocolate, Beer and Waffles.

2– His career was very varied until he read ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen Covey.

  •       1 Year conscription in Belgian Army.
  •       5 Years Hospitality sector.
  •       2 Years front of house Customer Relationships.
  •       4 Years in Customer Service Management roles in a Top 5 Computer Manufacturing company.
  •       2 Years European Escalation Manager in a Global Telecommunications Corporate.
  •       4 Years in National Retail Management.
  •       And now ….
  •       13 Years as Health & Wellness Business Owner and is currently Director of the Intentional Academy.

3– Current relevant diplomas and certificates:

  •       Dip. In Life & Business Coaching, Career Coach, Mind Coach, Change Expert
  •       Master NLP Practitioner
  •       Qualified Trainer
  •       Science of Wellbeing
  •       Basics of Social Psychology (studying)

4– Other things I pass my time with:

  • Long distance running – Currently the counter stand at 124 Full & Ultra Marathons 😊
  • Cooking – Hey, he is Belgian 😉
  • Radio – Presents a weekly Health and Wellbeing show on Limerick City Community Radio – loves talking 😊
  • Music – Literally does not watch TV at night, just listens to tunes – his neighbours love him 😉
  • Outdoors – Why be inside, it is too warm there 😊

Your Holistic Academy is where a team of business and holistic professionals come together to provide creative solutions in the area of health and wellbeing.