Our Points Of Culture

Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement is to champion holistic practitioners and individuals with an interest in health and wellbeing.  Through collaboration and promotion, we will provide inspiring, educational programmes and services built on the integrity of our ethos and points of culture.

At Your Holistic Academy, we provide a unique solution to our community.

Ethos For Your Holistic Academy:

(What) Our Ethos is to create relationships where we offer effective solutions to the needs and desires of the Corporate and Holistic sectors.

(How) We will deliver on this ethos by providing a platform to bring holistic practitioners from their silos and lonely places of operation. Through collaboration and co-production to hold space for the corporate sector by providing access to services, practitioners and open and respectful dialogue that until now has been silenced or unavailable.

(Why) Opening up these conversations through diversity of thinking and practice will bring opportunity to each of these sectors. Sharing their rich offerings and coming together for a new way of working which will open doors that so far have remained closed on both sides.

Our 7 points of culture are driven by the philosophy of creating abundance:

1 – Accountability

We will always operate from a place of Opportunity, Acceptance and Responsibility ensuring we provide a high level of professional service to both sectors.

You can count on us

2 – Integrity

We will remain within our truth and always deliver on our ethos and uphold our mission. We will monitor our output to ensure we are always doing the right thing by our collaborators and will amend any breach in a transparent and timely manner.

You can trust us to do the right thing

3 – Gratitude

We bring our focus to even the smallest detail to ensure we fully understand  the concept of unity, Using the personal “I” gives way to the image of the universal “I”. The concept of rivalry and competition has no place in our vision.

You will be thankful our paths crossed

4 – Alignment

Through our engagement and expression of interest process, we consider more than academic attainment or company turnover/staff size to build our community. We walk alongside those on a similar trajectory.

We will be part of your alliance

5 – Creativity

By committing to challenging echo chambers and entertaining the power of diversity, we will deliver content and viewpoints through the collective brains within our network that others will be unable to replicate.

We will inspire you with our input

6 – Expansion

We commit to being flexible and evolutionary by broadening our reach and focusing our thoughts, energies and resources on creating a unique and progressive solution.

Our growth is your growth

7 -Excellence

We will deliver greatness in all areas to the highest standard bringing you the most outstanding experience. From first point of contact our communication and provision will be unrivalled, giving you peace of mind and supreme confidence.

We will make you proud

Your Holistic Academy is where a team of business and holistic professionals come together to provide creative solutions in the area of health and wellbeing.