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Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers:

Who are the members of Your Holistic Academy?2020-08-05T15:31:43+00:00

Your Holistic Academy is an International support platform for Holistic Practitioners.  Members come from the area of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Can I become a member if I am not a Holistic Practitioner?2020-08-05T15:24:27+00:00

Yes, if you are a business professional and have training and/or advice to give the Holistic world then join our business directory on the member’s site.  For more information on membership click here.

How can I find a practitioner in my local area?2020-08-05T15:21:13+00:00

Visit our member’s directory, which can be accessed on the homepage.  Our directory is divided into three main categories which are further divided into sub-categories.  At the top of the directory you can input keywords into the search bar to help you find the most suitable Practitioners for you.  When you click into the sub-categories, you will also be able to view Practitioners by location using the Google Map facilty available on the page.  If you are unsure who you are looking for, you can also search all members at the top of the Directory page.

Who are the courses/events and programmes for?2020-07-28T17:13:15+00:00

Your Holistic Academy courses and events are for everybody who is seeking more – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  If you are interested in health, wellness and personal development our courses are for you.

What happens after I buy a course?2020-07-28T17:13:09+00:00

You will receive an email immediately confirming your purchase.  If you have purchased a ticket for a live event, your confirmation email is your ticket and you will need to bring this with you on the day to get access to the event.  If you have purchased an online course your confirmation email will include the link to the course.  For all courses and events, from 1 week leading up to the course/event you will receive reminders which will include relevant links and details specific to that course/event.

What is included when you purchase a course?2020-07-28T17:13:04+00:00

Each course is different; however for the majority of courses you will also receive a workbook or eBook prior to the course that can be used to enhance your learning experience.

Who delivers the courses?2020-08-05T15:14:29+00:00

The courses under the Fluid Human training brand are only delivered by members who have the relevant experience and qualifications to deliver the course and have successfully gone through our application process.  All other courses in our shop are member’s own courses, in their area of expertise and Your Holistic Academy provides the platform for these courses to be sold only.

What is the Fluid Human Training Programme and how is it different from the other courses being sold in the shop?2020-08-05T15:10:01+00:00

The Fluid Human training programme is an unique and bespoke collection of training programmes inspired and influenced by six separate pillars and delivered by experts.  The six pillars are: mind, body, spirit, communication, connection and collaboration. Members have to go through an application process to design and deliver a course under our brand.  Each course is collaboration from 2 to 4 practitioners that complement each other to deliver a high quality course content.

How are the courses delivered?2020-07-28T17:12:47+00:00

Our online courses will be delivered using a variety of methods and the method specific to the course you are interested in will be stated both in the course overview and in your email confirmation.  The methods will be either pre-recorded or live through zoom or other webinar formats.  However, we will have live courses, seminars and events held throughout the year.

Are the courses certified?2020-08-05T15:05:31+00:00

The Fluid Human training programme is not certified. However, this may change in the future.  Courses sold directly by practitioners may be certified, check each course description for more details as certification if available will be stated here.

Does Your Holistic Academy endorse the courses and products on sale by the members in the shop?2020-07-28T17:12:36+00:00

Your Holistic Academy doesn’t endorse any of our member’s courses or products but we do provide a platform to promote their programmes to a wider audience.

How can I learn about upcoming courses and events?2020-07-28T17:12:20+00:00

Visit our shop and you will be able all upcoming courses and events by category or in date order.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions From Holistic Practitioners:

How can I become involved with the Academy?2020-08-05T15:02:35+00:00

If you are a holistic practitioner or a business professional you can become a member of Your Holistic Academy simply by clicking on the button in the become a member page.  You will be asked for your contact details, to answer brief profiling questions and then you will be brought to the payment page where you click your preferred membership option.  Once payment is made you receive an email confirming your membership and you will then have access to the full membership site.

What marketing opportunities will be available to me as a member?2020-08-05T15:01:04+00:00

As a member you will have the opportunity to write articles for our blog, contribute to our opt-in sections on our website and have your profile on our homepage on a rotation basis.  You will also have the opportunity to contribute to our social media campaign through short videos, Bios etc.  When we run events, we will give you the opportunity at a discount or take a stand and sell/market your products and there may be also opportunities to speak at our events.

What access to business support is available as a member?2020-08-05T14:56:31+00:00

In our membership site there is a business directory where you will find experts in areas of social media, marketing, finance, business operations, and sales and so on.  Every month there will be online business skills workshops led by one of our business experts, as well as regular business tips and articles published on our membership site.

How do I sell my course?2020-08-05T14:54:34+00:00

Follow the instructions which can be found on the upload your course page.  Once one of the Your Holistic Academy team approves your application – course description, costs, dates, course content (media files, eBooks etc.), your course will be live onsite and immediately available to the public to purchase.

How much commission does Your Holistic Academy take?2020-08-05T14:52:17+00:00

For Fluid Human courses and any other Your Holistic Academy contracts it is a 50:50 split between the Collaborators and Your Holistic Academy.  Note that the 50% split needs to be further divided among the trainers of the programme.  For courses sold on our platform Your Holistic Academy takes 30% commission and 25% commission for products sold.

How do I find others to collaborate with on the Fluid Human Training Programme?2020-08-05T14:49:45+00:00

As a member of Your Holistic Academy you will have access to network with other members in our closed members Facebook group.

How are practitioners chosen for collaboration?2020-08-05T14:45:06+00:00

You have the option to develop your own collaborations with other members and one person applies as the leader of the group and will be the main contact for that group going forward.  The other alternative is to apply individually for a course under one of the pillars and the Programme Co-ordinator will put the team together based on the course intentions. The most experienced and qualified trainers will be interviewed for suitability.  Collaboration is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.

Do I have to have a website to be involved?2020-07-28T17:23:32+00:00

No, but by having a website is extra awareness for you and your brand.

How long will my course be available for?2020-08-05T12:57:06+00:00

Your membership is valid for one year and with the $197 offer you can have only one course uploaded at one time.  You can have one course up for 12 months or more if you renew your membership.

If I am involved with a collaboration who owns the course?2020-08-05T12:54:42+00:00

The collaborators are the owners of the course.  There is a commitment required to deliver the course for a minimum of  3 times for Your Holistic Academy and to allow Your Holistic Academy to sell any pre-recorded courses for unlimited amount of times.  However, outside of this you and your team own the course and can deliver it elsewhere as long as you mention Your Holistic Academy presents.

Can I upgrade my membership at any time?2020-08-05T12:53:15+00:00

If you have joined at the $97 membership rate and would like to upload a course or product within your year’s membership, you can upgrade at any time within the 12 months for $100.

Is there a cost for applying for contracts/procurement opportunities?2020-07-28T17:26:22+00:00

No, as a member you have the opportunity to apply for any contracts that you meet the requirements for.  However, only members can apply or will have access to these opportunities.

Who is responsible for the marketing of the courses and events?2020-08-05T12:50:20+00:00

Your Holistic Academy have a dedicated team focused on marketing for all courses and to drive traffic to our website through social media, email marketing, print media and live interviews through radio, Facebook live events and podcasts.  However, we expect all members to also help us market our programmes through sharing our material on your social media platforms and with your networks.

How many products/courses can I sell at a time?2020-08-05T12:48:11+00:00

The $197 membership allows a member to sell either one course or product at one time.  If you would like to sell more than one product or course at a time, please contact us to determine extra costs and/or requirements.

When do I get paid for the course delivered?2020-07-28T17:29:10+00:00

30 days after the course was delivered, the money due will be paid into your account and you will be emailed a receipt of payment.

Will there be opportunities to speak at seminars and events?2020-08-05T12:44:30+00:00

It is the intention of Your Holistic Academy to develop retreats, seminars, workshops and events firstly throughout Ireland with the view to grow internationally.  All members will have opportunities to be involved.

How can I renew my membership?2020-08-05T12:41:28+00:00

Your membership will roll over annually unless you inform us in writing at least 1 month before the end date of your current membership. The email to contact us on is:

If your questions have not been answered please contact us with your query

Your Holistic Academy is where a team of business and holistic professionals come together to provide creative solutions in the area of health and wellbeing.

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