Name Alan Reilly

Business Description Help with unresolved health problems

Business Category Holistic

Business Name  Bioenergy by Alan


Telephone Number 0862059074

Town/City Claremorris


Favourite Quote
Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

Unique Selling Point
Open evenings and weekends

When having a bioenergy session it is normal to feel anxious about what’s involved. What we do is not alternative healing it complimentary it is designed to work with medical advice. So what’s involved?

Before the session begins I sit with the person who is having the session to discuss what’s the best way to help. We all have an energy field around us and when that gets blocked it can cause illness and low mood.

I always tell clients it’s like when water gets trapped in a garden hose unless the blockage gets released it causes the body’s natural healing system to stop.

With 3 bioenergy sessions together we can release the blocked or trapped energy to enable the body’s own natural healing to begin. If we break a bone or cut ourselves it’s not the plaster that heals it our own natural healing that causes the bone or cut to heal.

To get the best results the seasons must be carried out over a 7 day period. For more information or to book 3 sessions call 0862059074 or bm me.
Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times

1. Breath

2. Sleep

3. Drink water

4. Exercise.

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