Name  Alice O’Gorman

Business Description I am an Energy Healing Practitioner – using an energy toolkit to empower others to rebalance themselves and create harmony in their lives.

Business Category  Energy Healing, Bio-Energy & Resonance

Business name  Axis Energy Healing


Telephone Number +353 879 164 175

Town/City  County Clare


Favourite Quote ‘If it’s to Be… then it’s up to Me!’

Mind Expertise Rebalancing the Mind through clearing bioenergetic blocks, to achieve mental clarity, release the pain of overthinking (depression/anxiety) reducing overwhelm to reconnect to oneself.

Body Expertise Energetic healing to calm the nervous system, empower self-healing on a physical level, manage stress and release pain and strengthen the immune system.

Soul Expertise Clearing energetic blocks to reignite hope and spark JOY. Together we inspire a different way forwards, opening up possibilities – to work towards a quantum shift.

Products and Services Offered 

Professional Biography For the last 5 years, I have used various different energy healing techniques to help release blocks, trapped emotions, and pain, to achieve balance and harmony. ​

Energy is my world – is my passion.

EVERYTHING is energy! ​

My alternative therapies* started in my clinic in County Clare Ireland, and have now developed into an online service available via a zoom call.

YES! Healing through the Quantum Field! (* the exception being Aroma Touch Treatment) ​This exciting progression has allowed me to treat customers across the world with clients in the UK, USA, Europe, India, the Caribbean even Mauritius!

My Greatest Achievement To Date The Quantum Leap required me to transform successfully out of a scientific and analytical background and career. A 360-degree Transformation – to step out of my rational Left Brain, integrate my intuitive Right Brain – to follow my heart, become fully aligned with who I am and how I show up in my world.

Unique Selling Point To empathetically be 100% ‘present’ with my client’s issues. The Healy Device.

Who is my ideal customer People experiencing overwhelm and the debilitating effects of stress, depression, anxiety, pain, lack of sleep, burnout and much more.

Customer Testimonials

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1) Spend time in nature to shift any blocks and reconnect with universal energy and lift your mood.

2) Ask a friend to have a conversation and share your feelings with someone who cares about you

3) Take a digital detox – one day a week – to unplug your ON switch!

4) Sit quietly whenever you remember – to help you to ‘re-member your body, mind and spirit.

5) Eat, drink, think well – with clean food, clean water and positive thoughts!

Call to Action

Benefits of Energy Healing: ~Boosts your body’s immune system and its own self-healing mechanisms ~Increases vitality and energy ~Greatly reduces anxiety, tension and stress ~Affects all levels of the body – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ~Clears old patterns and limiting beliefs ~Promotes spiritual development ~Definitely helps to reduce the intensity of pain ~Helps to improve sleep patterns ~Assists with the healing of chronic conditions and serious illnesses ~Helps with relaxation ~Makes clear-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving easier ~Improves the quality of life for the terminally ill I will help you manage the symptoms of these and many other diseases or conditions, such as mental disorders, nervous, circulatory and respiratory disorders


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