Name  Amy Lanci

Business Description Untold Story Enterprises is a training program that designs and facilitates programs to help businesses and business owners to speak their audiences’ language. We have an effective email communication lab, a mastermind, and other live and virtual training. We know that when people fully embrace the power of their words they can attain connection, confidence, and clarity.

Business Category Training and Communication

Business Name  Untold Story Enterprises


Telephone Number 6263189171

Town/City  San Marcos, California



Favourite Quote “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” by Maya Angelou

Mind Expertise I’m equally creative and analytical. I understand the love of creation and am able to find the language to describe the value of it practically.

Body Expertise I’m an empath so when I’m working with my clients and students, I feel pain in my body when certain emotions are triggered.

Soul Expertise I’m clairaudient. I hear ringing in my ears when I or someone else says something super important as if the Divine is speaking back. Essentially, I hear things people may or may not be saying, which allows me to read between the lines.

Products and Services Offered Private consulting, virtual and live training, and a mastermind.

Professional Biography I am a communications strategist with a background in science. I worked as a technician in a research laboratory for 14 years, studying sea turtles. In 2016, I started a side hustle as a health coach after my own battle with Fatty Liver Disease and having grown up with body image issues. When I started my first business, I began to see how my own untold stories had harmed my physical health over the years. People came to me regularly for help with writing, and I eventually came to discover that helping others get their stories told was my true passion. Now I help businesses and business owners to find the right words to describe what they do so they can speak their audiences’ language.

My Greatest Achievement To Date Accidentally landing my first corporate contract after one speaking engagement.

Unique Selling Point We use the power structure, repetition, and feedback to help people find their voice with 0% shame and 100% honesty.

Who is my ideal customer My ideal clients are solopreneurs and business owners with teams

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