Speakers' Corner

on Friday 18th June, 3 - 5.15pm BST

In 2016, survey results* of over 51,000 Americans, established that adults spend 6.4 hours a day sitting.

 – over the last year this is estimated to have increased, on average, by 2.4 hours a day!  

Our holistic professionals, Giada Labrecque, Annette Cashell, and Kamila Lukaszewicz, will equip you to ‘smash’ your sedentary lifestyle.

Shift from surviving ~ to thriving at your desk! 

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  • Kamila Lukaszewicz helps us to listen inwards to the body.

-she will enable you to align and move again with more impact yet less effort, to benefit our body without striving to push ourselves – allowing the movement to originate naturally.

- by letting ourselves ‘be moved’ rather than imposing exercise – we become more attuned to our body’s true needs.  

  • Giada Labrecque shares seated self-care solutions!

- she will focus on the conditions caused when we live sedentary lives – from how we sleep, eat, drive, work, and then come home, to sit even more!  

- with demonstrative stretches, switching muscles on and off, Giada gives us real solutions to rinse and repeat!

  • Annette Cashell speaks about the ‘dis-ease’ behind sitting all day.

- there is no single, good position – all day alignment is key, starting from the feet upwards.  The answer is in what movement you do next.

-  she will focus on small shifts for significant gain, to maintain your health, without losing your desk job! 

~ We look forwards to seeing you on Friday 18th June, at 3-5.15pm BST, and network with other like-minded professionals.

Tickets are €20 (YHA Members €10) and this event is on zoom.

Join us for 3 exceptional and unique views.