Name Aron ODowd

Business Category Energy, podcasting, massage high-performance

Business name  Aron Odowd


Telephone Number 00353863113233

Town/City Limerick, Ireland


Favourite Quote “I’m fucking awesome.”

Mind Expertise Learning and experiencing and living a high-performance lifestyle

Body Expertise Massage, soft tissue, and Meyer fashion

Soul Expertise Advanced energy work using frequency and energy

Products and Services Offered Podcasting massage energy work and becoming a high-performance lifestyle

My Greatest Achievement To Date Completing my first triathlon race.

Unique Selling Point The ability to see people’s imbalances in their physical body and fix their movement through the art of massage, energy, and helping them be free in their physical body. Understanding high-performance in the physical body, mental in spirit.

Listening to people and getting their stories out to the world through the art of audio and podcasting. As well as understanding energy and frequency and how to adapt it to allow the body to recover and heal using ancient and modern methods.

Who is my ideal customer
Everyone looking to improve their movements or hear your story or figure out how to create massive performance in their lifestyle

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