Name  Barbara Segun Kunle Ulmer

Business Description Triple Language Master supporting busy executives with Transitions

Business Category Education Coaching

Business name  BU Language and Learning Center


Telephone Number  18322096171

Town/City Richmond


Book Der Alchemist

Favourite Quote  “The sky is not the limit…”

Mind Expertise Customized design for personalized language and culture solutions

Body Expertise Masters in German ESL and French

Soul Expertise Empath 

Products and Services Offered German ESL and French Language and Culture Training


Professional Biography
I studied German, French and ESL at the Albert Ludwig Universität in Freiburg. I also studied in Paris, France, and taught in Oxford, England.

I worked as an international exchange teacher in Charlotte, NC as well as in Houston, TX.

I also worked in Germany as the Head of the French Department.

I have taught at several private and public language schools and I have founded my own business company over 20 years ago.

I have designed my own vocabulary and grammar language learning programs. I have also created my own vocabulary and grammar games for learners of all ages.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
My playful language immersion program for young learners out of a need to find a language solution for young children who live or have lived in homes with family violence…

Unique Selling Point Triple Language Master with studies in Paris, France and teaching experience in Oxford, England

Who is my ideal customer International businesses, entrepreneurs, ex-pats, and learners who are focused and goal-driven

Customer Testimonials
A multitude online, all 5 stars with my longest student working with me for 7 years at this point with immense success in her field through her very high language competence: e. g. : My clients describe me as an instructor with very high work quality, professionalism, and more that is loved by students and parents.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1. Never give up!

2. Stay positive!

3. Be creative!

4. See challenges as inspiration!

5. Never forget your “Why”…

Call to Action

Anything You Want to Add
I am thrilled to be part of this amazing community of amazing entrepreneurs whose why shines through them…


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