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The global wellness economy was worth $4.5 trillion in 2018

(Global Wellness Institute, 2019)

How can you and your business be a part of this trillion dollar and growing industry?

Key sectors include:

  • Personal Care, Beauty and Anti-Aging ($1,083 billion)
  • Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Weight Loss ($702 billion)
  • Wellness Tourism ($639 billion)
  • Fitness and Mind-Body ($595 billion)
  • Preventative and Personalized Medicine and Public Health ($575 billion)
  • Traditional and Complementary Medicine ($360 billion)
  • Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate ($134 billion)
  • Spa Economy ($119 billion)
  • Thermal/Mineral Springs ($56 billion)
  • Workplace Wellness ($48 billion)

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One of the pain points for many Holistic Practitioners are the business skills required for growing their business.  For example:

  • How to grow your audience on Instagram
  • How to manage your weekly finances
  • How to systemise your business for better efficiency
  • How to build your customer database
  • How to develop lasting client relationships
  • How to get the best from your website
  • How to write an effective blog
  • How to develop an online course that sells

The list of questions Holistic Practitioners want answered in the area of business is endless.  Remember this industry is growing, so you and your business now have the opportunity to become a part of this growing sector by helping those in the holistic sector develop their business further.

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