Holistic Practitioners

As a Holistic Practitioner, would you like to spend more time…

  • With Clients?

  • With like-minded People?
  • With Passionate Professionals?

  • Doing more of what you signed up for when you got involved?

YES, I hear you shout with excitement!!

Well, at Your Holistic Academy, we can;

  • Connect

  • Promote

  • Advertise

  • Sell

  • Market

  • Guide

  • Refocus


  • We advertise your business on the business directory, location and specialisation specific.
  • We upload YOUR course for Sale on OUR website.
  • We give you the ability to collaborate with other member practitioners to develop courses for ‘The Fluid Human’, the training series section of Your Holistic Academy.
  • We look for applications for you to deliver and design programs as part of Your Holistic Academy tenders for corporate and public sector contracts.
  • We will ask for applications to speak at Your Holistic Academy events and seminars.
  • We give access to the Business Professional directory, where you can find support services and training from Business experts.
  • We give you reduced rates for tickets at Your Holistic Academy events and seminars.

Join us and get following benefits:

  • More time to work in your business.
  • More time to spend with clients.
  • Access to a Global Market.
  • Collaboration and Networking with fellow passion driven professionals.
  • Connection to business professional for all areas of Your practice.
  • Improved Creativity and Focus.
  • Increased Sales.

Investing in your Practice TODAY, is also investing in a more productive and successful FUTURE for your Business and Clients.

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