Name –  Breda McHale –  Reiki, CBT & Mindfulness Coach Straffan, Kildare

Business Name  –  BE Programme

E-mail Address  –

Telephone Number –  00353872461889

Town/City – Straffan, County Kildare

Website –

Mind Expertise –  Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness/Meditation

Body Expertise – Energy Healing

Business Description –  The BE Programme offers a holistic/psychological approach to individuals and groups who are looking for a change.

Business Category –  Transpersonal Coaching

Professional Biography – Breda McHale is a Transpersonal Coach and founder of BE Programme. Her work combines Western Science, Eastern Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. She has a Masters in Personal and Management Coaching (MSc, University College Cork) and is a Reiki Master who has worked with universal energy for fifteen years.

Modern science has opened the door to a holographic universe where phenomena that were once associated with mystics can now be understood in mathematical and scientific terms and interpreted as inherent to the human dimension. Through her ability to read energy, Breda facilitates a holistic approach to personal development, growth and change for her clients.

Breda holds a Diploma in Construction Drawing from Dublin Institute of Technology and as a Director of JRD Developments Ltd has over 20 years’ experience in planning and management of development projects.

Quote –  Creating what we desire can be a more coherent process if we have ourselves stacked up in our favour, without the façade which prevents our authentic-self from coming to the table.

What is your greatest professional achievement to date – Demonstrating (UCC MSc Thesis) the effective use of universal energy interventions to enhance the coaching process.

Tuning in to Universal Energy has the potential to be used as a coaching tool to facilitate clients in pursuit of their goals

Unique Selling Point – Ability to facilitate growth in Consciousness. 

Who Is My Ideal Customer – The individual or organisation who want to connect with something far greater than their current, experienced reality. It is for those who are waiting to tap into inner power and strength, from where vulnerability can confidently be acknowledged.

Testimonial – Breda’s distinct strength lies in integrating her natural intuition with psychological approaches. Working with Breda allowed me to recognise and understand unconscious fear which was preventing me from moving forward with my career. Within hours of our third session, I made the phone call which turned my career around!

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times

  1. How about focusing on connecting within? Perhaps you could commit to practising daily breathwork or meditation, settling into that deeper part of yourself, where you are comfortable to let the thoughts float away and focus on listening; listening to the sound of your own breath, sensing the rhythm of your heart.
  2. Be present: Wherever you are, be there fully.
  3. Acknowledge the power of acceptance.
  4. Spend time with a tree? – A tree in the park, in your garden or woodland  – not looking for anything –  just seeing your own imaginary roots reach deep into the earth,  and as you effortlessly breath see yourself become more grounded, more centred…..   
  5. Give gratitude.

BE can help you with:


Emotional Intelligence

Cognitive Behaviour

Understanding Fear

Holistic Life Analysis

Systemic Psychodynamics

Life / Growth Strategies

Stress Management

Energy Awareness



Organisational / Family Constellations

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