The School of Spiritual Growth and Development

A micro space somewhere in my mind began to grasp the concept of personal power and with it came the feeling of walking in bespoke, handmade moccasins that had been patiently waiting for me to walk my own walk. When my breath work practice became meditation, I discovered what it was to drop into a […]

All Aboard! Corporate Wellness: It’s not a bandwagon, it’s a movement

corporate wellness

ALL ABOARD the YHA Workplace Wellness express! This train is bound for glory… choo choo! Can you feel it? The slow pull forward, the slight acceleration from a full stop. This is where we set off, the corporate wellness movement is officially here, and we are the conductors, engineers, break-men and passengers all in one. […]

First Past Life Experience

I wasn’t always so trusting of the universe. As a young mother, having compiled many years of misunderstood emotions, my need to control fed a continuum of fears. Eventually, the fear-filled drama which I was living led to a hollow sense of disconnect; a type of knowing that I had everything I ever wanted, but […]

How Can You Be Sure You’re Not an Active Couch Potato?

I used to have a “proper” job. For many years, I worked as a Marketing Manager, chained to my desk for hours at an end. Don’t get me wrong: I loved my job, but my body did not, and things started to go horribly wrong in my late 20s.   It started out with carpal […]

Top 4 Meditation Misconceptions

Top 4 Meditation Misconceptions

Top 4 Meditation Misconceptions   1.You will feel an euphoric feeling from your very first meditation practice or for every meditation practice– This unfortunately can be a misconception that people have in their mind when starting their meditation journey. The truth is yes sometimes you may feel this powerful surge of positivity and energy deep […]