Bloating: What’s Really Causing It And 8 Ways To Banish It

Bloating: What’s Really Causing It And 8 Ways To Banish It

A client long ago named me the ‘Gut Whisperer’ and it stuck. She came up with the nickname when she finally started having (satisfying) daily bowel movements – naturally – after life-long extreme constipation and subsequent chronic bloat. In my practice as a gut expert helping people to find permanent, natural solutions to their digestive […]

The thirsty woman and the lake.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had been lost in the desert for three whole days without water. Just as she was about to collapse, she saw what appeared to be a lake just a few hundred meters in front of her. “Could it be? Or is it just a mirage?” she […]

Move Naturally

By Justin Eade Stepping outside with bare feet onto patio or grass feels uplifting on a warm sunny morning. It can feel grounding on a chilly winter evening too – especially if you’ve been indoors in shoes all day. There are many simple pleasures that just feel right. Reflecting on these natural tendencies is a […]

Celebrations for every reason!

We celebrate St. Patrick today! We casually celebrate so many of these occasions each year! Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Eid al-Fitr, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas. We do this year in, year out. We also celebrate milestones. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, engagements, graduations, new jobs. All celebrations because of big events.     And […]

What happened when I crashed last week?!

What Happened When I Crashed Last Week

It’s been an interesting journey over the last few months. Moving from the Mid-West to the East of the country in the middle of a Level 5 Lockdown without saying goodbye to all your friends you made over 25 years in that part of the world. Moving from a City Centre adjacent location to a […]