Move Naturally

By Justin Eade Stepping outside with bare feet onto patio or grass feels uplifting on a warm sunny morning. It can feel grounding on a chilly winter evening too – especially if you’ve been indoors in shoes all day. There are many simple pleasures that just feel right. Reflecting on these natural tendencies is a […]

How Can You Tell If Someone is Enlightened?

By Wallace Huey – Spiritual Teacher If you met an enlightened person on the street you may not tell that they were enlightened. They look ordinary. They do not come across as weird in any way. But you could tell they were enlightened as you got to know them. An enlightened person is like a […]

Working on Your Mental Health

Mental Health

The word “mental health” refers to the emotional, social and psychological state – the window through which you see the world. So when you are looking for ways to boost mental health, it is crucial to realize that mental wellbeing does not exist in an isolated bubble. Our thoughts and emotions can influence others as […]