Discover your Wealth in the Present Moment!

By Wallace Huey – Spiritual Teacher There is advice written about how we can make money and become rich through providing spirituality and personal development related services. I am writing this article to share with you that getting rich is fundamentally incompatible with spirituality! “Why is this? “I hear you complain. “Do I not deserve […]

How Can You Tell If Someone is Enlightened?

By Wallace Huey – Spiritual Teacher If you met an enlightened person on the street you may not tell that they were enlightened. They look ordinary. They do not come across as weird in any way. But you could tell they were enlightened as you got to know them. An enlightened person is like a […]

The School of Spiritual Growth and Development

A micro space somewhere in my mind began to grasp the concept of personal power and with it came the feeling of walking in bespoke, handmade moccasins that had been patiently waiting for me to walk my own walk. When my breath work practice became meditation, I discovered what it was to drop into a […]