Name Catriona McMorris

Business Description Catriona’s work is an integrated blend of beauty therapy, nutritional coaching, and wellbeing.

She returned to education in 2018 to complete the BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching with the IINH (Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health) and Catriona is currently completing a Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences online with Quantum University, Hawaii.

Business Category Beauty Therapist, Health Coach (General Nutrition & Wellness)

Business Name Reveal – Beauty & Wellness


Telephone Number +353868666882

Town/City Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland


Favorite Quote  ‘The Way You Do Anything Is The Way You Do Everything’ Tom Waits

Body Expertise
Catriona works from the inside out, taking clients back to the basics of nutrition educating on intuitive eating, and using the tools of food journaling, hunger scale, portion control, meal preparation, and planning as simple but extremely effective ways to feel better within the physical body. Not only do clients shed excess weight but inch loss, improved sleep, hormone balancing, improved mood, alleviated stress levels and better energy levels are consistently reported after 5 sessions.

Products and Services Offered
Five Week Good Food Program

Five-Week Good Food Program for vegetarians (Meat and Dairy Free) 

30 Day reset challenge (prior clients or those with a good existing knowledge of nutrition)

Professional Biography 

Catriona regularly speaks on local radio on Health, Beauty & Wellbeing topics. She has a range of experience as a 3rd level tutor and hosts group workshops online. Her podcast ‘A Change For Change’ is a new project created as a way to keep connected to clients in 2020 / 2021.

My Greatest Achievement to Date
Getting to create my own business and generate my own income every single day!

Who is my ideal customer
My ideal client is an individual who is at the point they are READY to make a change and are willing to open their minds to re-educating themselves on nutrition and wellness not only for the duration of a program with me but that they can, in turn, leave the program feeling confident and resilient and open to more holistic modalities that will help them to continue improving.

Customer Testimonials
“From the first meeting to the last Catriona immediately put me at ease. She is incredibly informative and supportive. Communication was brilliant, so easy to contact, and always replied within a few hours. This program is a lot more than just a diet and food diary, it looks at every aspect of life.”

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1.Prepare your breakfast the night before

2.Carve out 10-15 minutes for meditation practice

3.Move your body by doing exercise you find fun,

4.Surround yourself with positive people

5.Declutter your environment (home and/or office) for immediate calming and creative benefits.

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