Passionate about personal growth since 1987, when a decision I made, left me feeling bereft and lost. I banished myself to New Zealand away from loved ones, to grieve & listen to my inner critic beat me up. Reading Louise Hay ‘How to Heal your Life’ started 5 years of deep work; therapy, homeopathy & shiatsu to heal my wounds. I learned to consciously let go.  Now I follow a lifetime of holistic learning, healing and growth; and enjoy helping others to let go, heal, lighten-up, get back into creative-flow and rebuild confidence in their path.

Name –  Charlotte Wickins –  Chichester, UK

Business Name  –  Human Architect

E-mail Address  –

Telephone Number –  44(0)7770224868

Town/City –  Chichester, West Sussex


Mind Expertise –  Kinesiology, Coaching, Psychology, Mentorship

Body Expertise – Energy Healing, Shiatsu, Watsu (Water Shiatsu)

Soul Expertise –  Healing Relationships, Spirituality

Business Description – My purpose is to help you find your inner confidence and motivation to move you forwards, claim your strengths, gifts, voice and to lift your spirit and potential.  

I give you permission to be self-centric, to accept change, loss, to heal and to acknowledge the qualities of your unique self, which you may not yet appreciate.  To reset your compass co-ordinates and position yourself within the workplace – to start to claim your future – health, wealth and happiness, already calling to you.

Business Category –  Self-Leadership Coach, Mentor, Healer

Products and Services Offered – Compass Calls (1hr) – to re-orientate yourself so you can land on your feet.

Self-Leadership Coaching/Mentorship – 3-month programme to develop confidence in your decision-making and attract the future, you so richly deserve.

Kinesiology Healing – for those feeling a lack of balance between their head and their heart, body and health.

Professional Biography –  I started life in management consulting before experiencing the loss of a child at birth.  This propelled my self-healing and spiritual journey.  Single once more, I took a leap of faith and sailed around the world to rebuild my confidence. Since then I have been blessed with a daughter as a solo-parent; established wedding venues on 3 x private estates; managed and run an election for a local Business Improvement District; set-up a Wellness Centre.  Today, my business and kinesiology experience is merged into synergising consultancy and mentorship with wellbeing – focused on influencing personal and global transformation. .

Quote ‘To be open to new possibilities takes courage.
Ask for help, do the work, be kind to yourself. ‘

What are my greatest achievements to date ?

  • Raising my daughter solo, from conception, into a balanced, warm, kind-hearted 23yr old !
  • Helping my clients to surrender to acceptance, to heal and successfully reinvent themselves.
  • Election for Chichester BID with an 85% majority.
  • Kinesiology Practitioner -2000+ hours from ICPKP.
  • Executive MBA (merit), as a solo-parent and working full-time, at the age of 40!

Unique Selling Point – Charlotte provides a positive, strategic and open mind whilst holding a safe space from which to explore new possibilities, with great compassion, to enable you to speak your truth, set intentions, build confidence and empower you to move forwards feeling energised.

Who Is My Ideal Customer –  Anyone facing change and transformation- whether at work, at home, the loss of a loved one; and the lack of belonging and confidence, that this often brings.  Together we shine a light on little right actions, towards acceptance, motivation and confidence to help you land both feet on the ground, before moving forwards.

Customer Testimonials –

Motorsport Partnerships, Castrol
‘Charlotte provided me with the skills and confidence I needed to transition back into the work place from self-employment. Her patient, analytic and holistic approach to helping me be the best I can be was amazing. She is genuinely a people whisperer!’

– Global Transformation Consultant
‘Charlotte is rare and precious – being an astute and experienced mentor and thinker, who probes and listens and then offers up intelligent, innovative and practical suggestions and solutions to help guide you forwards – whilst making you feel a better version of yourself in the process.’

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times 

  1. Start every day with a large glass of water ! ~ Most people are dehydrated. Our brains are the body’s priority so take water from our spinal fluid – drink H2O to avoid backache, brainfog, loss in energy.
  2. Set an intention to move early in the day. ~ Movement shifts low-energy,  persistent thoughts and lifts your mood – connects us to nature – to feel the ground solid, under our feet, as we sense the world around us.
  3. Find the courage to ask for help. ~We are social animals designed to live in community, interact with others, even if you feel you have little to give back.  It is only when we start to share our stories, our pain and our grief, that we start to feel seen and heard – to shift into acceptance.
  4. Find one person to connect to in your local community. ~To do something together – the more you can get involved locally, the more the community will rally to support and include you.
  5. What is your distraction from over-thinking today? ~Be kind to yourself, when you find yourself listening to your inner critic – notice.  Forgive your thoughts, however negative, forgive yourself,  put your own needs first. 

Together we talk about you – what matters to you – what brings you joy – to uncover where passion lies.  Marry this with becoming clear on your values and we start to build the motivation to move forwards !  

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