Name  Eva Fidgeon – Holistic Gardens

Business Description-Holistic Rural Retreat Centre. We support and provide Holistic Therapists and Facilitators with a beautiful bespoke environment to host exclusive Retreats. Together we achieve a seamless service for your clients by listening deeply to fully appreciate and align with your requirements. Immersed within Mother Nature we nurture your events to bring to life the essence of your vision.

Business Category-Holistic Retreats

Business Name The Holistic Gardens

e-mail –

Telephone Number 00353 87 1355502

Town/City Shercock, Co. Cavan Ireland


Favourite Quote  “Rest – Repair – Digest”

Mind Expertise I’m willing to become part of your team to achieve a memorable experience for everyone!

Body Expertise “Many hands make light work!”

Soul Expertise My focus throughout a workshop or event is the well-being of the facilitator.

holistic gardens

Products and Services Offered
We provide various packages to help cater to your specific needs, which may or may not include:-

Part/full catering service with facilities, overnight accommodation, wheelchair access.

Surround sound system complete with 6ft drop-down projector screen, 75 chair capacity space (chairs provided), tea & coffee service.

Library Log Cabin complete with log stove and sofas. 0.7km walking path around the venue (on the property), quiet spaces for contemplation, yoga mats and equipment, meditation teacher on site. Separate smoking area.

Workshop area to engage in Arts and Crafts.

Polytunnel that always requires an extra pair of hands.


Ongoing outdoor Projects.

Opportunities to hire in treatments – Reflexology, Reiki, Massage

Professional Biography
Massage & Acupressure Therapist for over 8 years. Meditation facilitator for various techniques:- Yoga Nidra, Mantra Meditation and Guided Meditation. Self-employed businesswoman for over 21 years.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
The greatest achievement to date is being a mother to our five children. Overcoming physical challenges after a serious accident in 2010. Changing my perspective on the life I chose to live in the aftermath of a life-changing event. Learning to accept me – the strong aspects of self and the vulnerable sides of my nature that ultimately make up the whole person. Experiencing and accepting life in its totality is a constant invitation to be alive and in the moment! When I say yes to life it says yes to me!

Unique Selling Point
My life experience and willingness to work with others to create new vistas at every opportunity.



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