Name –  Mindset & Success Coach, Tulla, Co Clare

Business Name  –  Inspire Action Success

E-mail Address  –

Telephone Number –  087-2773486

Town/City –  Tulla

Website –

Mind Expertise –  Coaching

Business Description – Inspire Action Success is my coaching business where I provide high performance mindset & success coaching for female entrepreneurs and business leaders. If you are someone who wants to go to the next level personally and professionally but you are stuck in fear, confusion and overwhelm, can’t figure out why you are not moving forward and tired of trying, I can help you.

Through my coaching programmes of mindset transformation, action planning and accountability, I will help you become empowered, on purpose and on fire so you can make money, create impact and feel amazing!”

Business Category –  Coaching

Products and Services Offered –  5 Steps to Activate your Vision for Success.  Nov 5th, 7.30 pm.  CLICK HERE to register

Professional Biography – I started my early adult life with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. From there, I worked in a variety of roles in quality engineering, drawing management & maintenance, and project engineering. I soon found that my passion was in projects, both their management and design which led to me completing a diploma in Project Management.

In 2017, I set up my own business Project Management Interiors with the aim of offering a single point of contact to customers who wish to undertake small to major construction works in their business or home.

In 2018, having gone through 10 years of personal turbulent events, I discovered the power of coaching and decided to complete training in this area. I was so inspired by the simplicity yet effectiveness of the coaching process that I wanted to be able to help others transform their lives and inspire them to achieve whatever it is they desire. Late 2019 I set up my coaching business Inspire Action Success. I now support women who want to set up their own business or are already established but want support to uplevel themselves and their business success.

Quote“There is nothing you cannot achieve – you just have to decide!” 

My greatest professional achievement to date – Creating my successful project management business, while a full time Mum, and having uprooted the entire family to a new county, within very challenging circumstances 3 months before hand.

Unique Selling Point – I empower possibility and ignite confidence for action.

I am a expert at communicating and inspiring people to achieve.

I am a stand for believing you can achieve anything once you decide and commit

Who Is My Ideal Customer –  Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs and Established Entrepreneurs, and in general Women who want to lead !

Customer Testimonial – Fiona is a powerful coach! She helps you stretch yourself in achieving your goals… in a way which allows you to get really clear of what’s stopping you and more importantly facing them with power and courage. She is really ‘present’ to your journey as the client! What I love about Fiona is that she’s not afraid to push her own boundaries and her energy wants to do the same! She is supportive, caring and encouraging, whilst her impact on her clients is life changing! – Dhara Shah

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times 

  1. Make a list of all the things you have in your life
  2. Feel the gratitude of everything you listed.
  3. Create space every day for just being present. Start off with 3 minutes and build up to say 10. To just sit and be still.
  4. Trust, really trust, that everything is safe. Tell yourself daily “I am safe; I am well”.
  5. Get out in nature and notice it! Breathe it in, Smell it, feel it on your face, and say thank you!


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