Speakers Corner

on Friday 20th August, 3 - 5.15pm BST

3 Journeys !
From Adversity to Personal Growth

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  • Jennifer Van Uffelen  - ‘Trust your inner voice & speak your Truth. ‘

Jennifer discusses the ‘fear’ response behind not being true to ourselves.


  • How speaking in agreement to avoid upsetting others, blocks valuable opportunities and potential for change…
  • That speaking from the heart, with courage and intention, empowers us AND those around us, to break repeated patterns and step into self-conviction .
  • Nathalie Samsonetti  -  ‘ Discomfort is your Ally ‘

Nathalie highlights why adversity, is necessary in life!

  • She takes us on her journey around the world, to share valuable experiences which have shaped her perspective on life. 
  • Nathalie gives us the tools to deal with the choices we face and to be mindful of the direction in which they may lead.   
  • Patrick Mercie  ‘ Dare to have a Life! ‘

Patrick shares very personal stories to reveal three important life lessons.

  • His stories reveal that we do have the power to shape our world - to find the strengths within us NOW! 
  • And that the choice to become clear on intentions, is ours.  Patrick explains how to actively move towards them.

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