Name  Grace Gleeson

Business Description  – Energy, Health & Wellness

Business Category  – Holistic Health

Business Name  – Life of Light Holistic

e-mail  –

Telephone Number  +353 878 177 611

Town/City  – Cappamore, Limerick


Customer Testimonial
Grace, is an amazing lady, very quiet gentle lady to talk to, and is genuinely interested in your life and willing to help you where she can. Love it when I receive an angel card reading, as she helps me when I am at a crossroads in my life without being pushy.  Its great to get a message from the universe when life is busy, and sometimes I miss the signs. ”  Emma 

Services Offered:

Mind Expertise
 –  Mindfulness, Meditation

Body Expertise – Energy Healing, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage

Soul Expertise –  Astral, Healing Relationships, Spirituality

My Greatest Achievement To Date :
I absolutely love my job, and the most tranquil setting I work in.
Setting up two successful businesses.

Unique Selling Point:
 100% presence :

Who is my ideal customer:
~ Busy working Mums & Dads
~ Business Men and Women
~ Retired People looking to refocus their energy.


 5 Tips To Help You Through Challenging Times:

1. Stay in the present day, tomorrow hasn’t come yet and yesterday is history.

2. Keep your routine going as best you can the same time for getting up, to the time you go to bed, to meal times.

3. Take at least 30 minutes of exercise during your day and out in nature.

4. Reduce your time on technology especially getting closer to bedtime.

5. Reach out to a friend or a family member, it’s important to keep up good communications.

If the above resonates with you please get in touch :

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