Speakers Corner

on Friday 16th July, 3 - 5.15pm BST

Your Holistic Lifestyle – See it, Feel it, Trust it – Live it!

We all know we can live healthier lives. The problem is … we choose not to!

Our Professional Practitioners, Hans Parge, Paul Coghlan, and Malia Hynes share how living a

more holistic approach to life, will considerably improve your health and wellbeing.

Hans Parge - ‘ Eat right, Keep Fit, Live long, Die quick!

Hans marries the science of achieving homeostasis (balance) is fundamental

with a holistic lifestyle, to achieve prolonged good health.  He shares:

- routes to surmounting the challenges in adopting and maintaining good lifestyle habits.

- that ‘ you don’t know – what you don’t know ’: learn the importance of keeping an open mind, which is essential to achieving a balanced lifestyle.  

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Paul Coghlan – ‘ Embracing the gift of  life-altering change ‘

Paul shares his challenge of facing his own mortality with a life-threatening illness.

- focused on creating the positive attitude to embrace self-care and a much healthier outlook on life – we are all truly capable of amazing things!

- What is true?  Experience how sharing one’s vulnerability helps you to change your perspective, accept your situation, and build a much stronger mindset.

Malia Hynes  ‘ One Mind, One Body, One Being. ‘

Malia questions - why do we live our lives on autopilot?

-  we always have a choice, yet we often actively, make the wrong choices.

-  learn how to BE present in your body more often,  so you can find greater awareness and become more actively mindful!

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