Delegating tasks is a smart way to get work done effectively… generally speaking. But when it comes to self-care, there’s really no one that can do the job but YOU.

Yes, you can outsource your care by seeking the services of alternative and holistic care providers, but it is you that has to make the appointments. Even IF you have someone kind enough to make those appointments for you, it is you that has to show up for them.

The term “self-care” has become quite the buzzword in the last few years, almost to the point of becoming a trigger for some people. The thing is, encouraging self-care is the way forward, and if you resist it, you are only doing yourself a disservice.

This life has no shortage of stresses, strains, aches, pains… if you’re reading this and thinking, “nope, not my life”, then I’m delighted for you. Most people struggle day to day, and if they aren’t practicing self-care, the burdens of life can be quite heavy.

Self-care is an opportunity to pause. To break away from the trials of life, and give yourself a bit of TLC. Self-care is a healthy habit, something to be done daily, not just when you need it most. In fact, proactive self-care will absolutely reduce the chances of the need for emergency self-care. It will improve your overall health, meaning you will benefit physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

How does one practice self-care? The list of possibilities is long, and it really depends on you and what you like. For some, self-care means going for a massage then taking a nice long bath. For others, it means getting up early and going fishing for the day. For most, it is stepping away from work, and the everyday stressors to spend some quality time either alone or with loved ones.

Personally, I think that keeping your self-care dynamic will only inspire you to take more care, and better care over all. Some people like routine, I like variety. So my advice is to do something good for yourself every day, whether thats drinking more water, reaching out to a friend, or vision boarding your perfect vacation.

Whatever it is, do it wholeheartedly. Don’t treat self-care as a chore. It should be a treat, something to look forward to in positive anticipation. Get creative, push yourself even to do some things you’ve never done before. For instance, when I first started really practicing self-care, it was just journalling and riding my bike to different places every day. But inevitably I grew into my imagination and possibilities and found things like sensory deprivation tanks, gardening, jumping into the Atlantic, and plant medicine ceremonies.

If you are just getting started on your self-care journey, and would like a bit of help figuring out where to go or what to do, feel free to reach out! You can book a 15 minute discovery call with me by going to my website and clicking the “Book a 15 Minute Discovery Call” button. Or, you can have a look through the directory of holistic practitioners in Your Holistic Academy to get some inspiration!

Regardless of how you go about it, just always remember to take good care!!


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  1. Just love this article Giada. Self-care must be a priority moving forwards – putting on our own oxygen mask first – booking time for self-care everyday into our diaries – no matter how short or long … creating those moments of stillness , just to breathe. In and out, settle into our bodies and listen-in.

    Allow the aches and pains to arise – breathing into them, to then listen to what our body is telling us – if we fail to do this, we have no boundaries in place to stop dis-ease, from manifesting inwards – feel into any pain and adjust with Giada’s self-care solutions.

    Remember – we are so much MORE than our thoughts. Allow yourself to set new boundaries, towards maintaining your health and wellbeing, especially when working from home – we know that the world has been on hyper-alert ‘ 24/7 ‘ stress mode for far too long. Set new boundaries and reap the rewards.

  2. Great article Giada, and it is just exactly the theme of my Happiness Diary of this year, everything you mentioned is part of the self care and self love that is so vital to keep your balance in life, emotionally and physically.

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