I talk a lot about living from within. So, what is that? Inside Out Living is knowing that you have everything, all the resources, you will ever need within you. It is accepting that you are enough. Knowing you are complete. Awareness that all potential is inside you and is limitless. Living from that space. Doing what you love. Loving what you do. Life realising itself. It is giving yourself to consciousness.

Flow Living

What is the alternative?

Outside in living is working at a job we would leave if we could afford to. Spending most of our lives worshipping others because they are sports stars, musicians, reality TV hosts, etc… We don’t think we are good enough, so we value others above us. We live vicariously. We think success is something you measure by the number of designer handbags. The holidays far away. The selfie of us in the trendy nightclub. The ticket for the match. The flashy car. Just to present an outward picture of success.

Compare that to Inside Out Living, living from within. Being just you and knowing you are always good enough. Just living a life you don’t need a break from. A life that is filled with love and consciousness and being in the flow now. It is immersing yourself in what you really like doing. This way your potential is limitless. It is having a life while making a living.

Inside Out Living

Maya Angelou was spot on when she said: ‘Success is liking who you are, liking what you do and liking how you do it’.

Now the choice is yours. Yes, you!

Inside Out or outside in.

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3 Responses

  1. Always compelling Patrick.. Living in flow, comes with ease and grace, once i abandon the mask, and have the courage to just show up in all my vulnerability and be myself.. Then and only then, can I truly attract what lights my fire and will help me find fulfilment in life. Thank you, for shinning your light here, so brightly, to help guide those that are looking for your good nature to help lift their spirit and potential.

  2. I’m going with Inside Out Patrick!
    When we learn to look and listen within, we reclaim forgotten parts of ourselves, we rediscover who we truly are, we learn to trust and in doing so tap into inner power and strength, from where we can acknowledge our vulnerability.

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