Name – Irina Popova – Yoga, Tai Chi & Meditation Cork

Business Name  – The Infinite Arts

E-mail Address  –

Telephone Number – 0857180291


Website –

Mind Expertise – Meditation

Body Expertise – Yoga

Soul Expertise

Business Description – Infinite Arts teachings are modern everyday tools for empowerment and transformation. Designed by Master Jason Chan to support students on their journey, Infinite Arts include practices: Infinite TAI CHI, CHI KUNG, CHI YOGA and MEDITATION. When practise Infinite Arts long enough, you will become aware of an energy field that surrounds everything, including you. Gradually as you keep practising, you will be able to use it to heal yourself on many different levels and to use this universal energy, or Chi, to transform both your physical being and your mental and emotional outlook on life.

Business Category – Spiritual transformation

Products and Services Offered – Classes, Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Seminars, Online Trainings

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