JT Coaching ‘Inspires, Heals and Empowers’ clients ~ equipping you with a set of coping skills and tools, to tap into your incredible potential.  

Name – Jacqui Taaffe Life & Mindset Coach
(RC Hyp, Dip Hyp, Solution Focused / Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Business Name – JT Coaching

Email Address – jtaaffecoaching@gmail.com

Telephone Number – 087-9470860


Business Description
~If you are struggling, feeling stuck, worrying, anxious, lacking confidence and doubting yourself. 
Well, then it’s time that you reached out and worked with me.

I did not become more confident.  I am confident because I became an authority and expert on myself.

That’s what I do.  When I work with clients you become your greatest authority and expert.  In order that you can BE and DO and have the life you want.

That’s how you can (and will) overcome life challenges.  You have all you need within you. I believe that self-empowerment can only be truly achieved by becoming your own greatest advocate.

Without a doubt : Self-Knowledge is Self-Empowerment!

My Top Values

Truth, Honesty, Dignity, Consent and Fairness

Business Category – Life & Mindset Coach.   Amazon Bestselling Author of INSPIRE HEAL EMPOWER, Educator, Mentor, voluntary Bereavement Counsellor’ with 25 years managerial experience in the development and progression of people.


All prices are available on www.jacquitaaffe.com

Professional Biography

Hi I’m Jacqui,

The most important relationship you will ever have in your life ~ is the relationship you have with yourself ~ so I encourage you to become an authority on yourself!

I love to inspire and empower you, to step into your incredible potential, so you can live and create a most happy and fulfilled life.   I do this by sharing life experiences, knowledge, and a set of practical coping skills and strategies, which improve mental health habits which increase your wellbeing.  Giving you the tools and techniques to develop better mental health habits and a sense of overall wellbeing. 

My Gentle Reminder For You:

Your story matters.

Yet so many people remain stuck and held back from creating the lives they want because of their beliefs, their stories and the thoughts they tell themselves.

So if this resonates with you?  Then please get in touch and let’s move you forwards, together.


Quotation –

“Live A Life That Is Truly Yours”

My greatest professional achievement to date

– Amazon best-selling author of  INSPIRE ~ HEAL ~ EMPOWER 

5 Top Tips

  1. Jacqui believes your mind is one of the most important muscles in your body, to be looked after and exercised.  Be selective and deliberate in what you watch, read and listen to. Positive, empowering and quality material will give you a more positive outlook and sense of overall wellbeing.
  2. Adopt a daily practice of gratitude, to deliberately put yourself in a state of deep appreciation for all the things you have in your life.  A free guide is on my website.
  3. Making a To-Do list to achieve 2 x positive actions for your self-care every day, is a great way to feel empowered.
  4. Connecting and chatting with people that make you feel good is a top priority, so do plan and schedule weekly calls to lift your spirits.
  5. Take a walk in nature or the beach to reduce stress and improve mood, studies show they have a calming effect on the human mind.

So whatever you choose ENJOY!

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