Name : Jennifer Van Uffelen

Business Description: Jennifer is dedicated to continuously evolve to bring her best-self forwards, to support others to move towards a simpler way of BE-ing.  Qualified Personal & Business Coach (ICF approved diploma) with NLP Practitioner Training. MA Commercial Science; BSc  Office Management & Human Resources.

Business Category: Personal & Business Coach, NLP practitioner with experience in both facilitating groups and 1:1 coaching.

Business Name: JVU Coaching

Mobile: 0831417347 / Whatsapp +32472288050

Town/City: Rosslare Harbour


Favourite Quote:
” What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” – Buddha

Life & Business Coach :  Workplace Coaching – Group Coaching – Workshop Facilitation – NLP – Mindfulness.

I offer Clarity Coaching.
In 1:1 coaching, I partner with you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

There is immense power in the language we use and the stories we tell ourselves.
~What does your soul tell you when you dream out loud?
~I ask powerful questions to help us focus on your best, next step.
~And resources to help guide you towards fulfilment.

Originally from Belgium, I am well-travelled with considerable experience in sales, recruitment, customer service, admin, onboarding, facilitation, and coaching.
~ Latest Course : Leadership in Health & Wellbeing Diploma.

Unique Selling Point:
I am 100 % present with you in a non-judgmental space, actively listening to your inner voice to move you forward. And I believe you can go all the way!

Who is my ideal customer?:
~You want to implement change in your life and are ready to meet yourself, even if this feels difficult to do so.
~You are looking to become more self-aware, open up to new possibilities, and become clear on what is stopping you to live life to your full potential. If you decide not to take action now, then when?

Join my Mindful Morning Wednesdays at 8:30 am (Irish time) where I hold a space that welcomes every part of you every week:

‘Jennifer is a great listener!’

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times

1. Practise gratitude: create the habit of noting down the great aspects in your daily life (this can be as simple as being grateful for the perfect temperature of your coffee in the morning), the more gratitude you practice, the more positive your outlook on life.

2. Keep moving: being active fills you with happy hormones – exercise in the morning sets up your day for success, to start with a clear mind and a sense of achievement.

3. Do more of what you enjoy:  if you love reading, read more, if you love creating, be creative! The only person keeping you from doing the things you love is you. Make time the gift you didn’t expect to receive. Prioritise small action steps towards your bigger goals to keep moving forward.

4. Connect: check in on your loved ones and reach out in both great and challenging times. Stillness is good yet feeling isolated – not so good – and you are not alone; what you would say to yourself if you were a dear friend!

5. Breathe: know that your breath is always there for you.  We are always breathing in the present moment.  Check-in with yourself, your surroundings and remember – that at this very moment you are ok!

Contact me for a friendly chat to find out how I might be able to support you going forward. I will listen and hold space for you!



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