Name Joan Sharp

Business Category Life Coach – transformational hypnosis and more

Business name Thwack!ch aka The Exponential Moment


Telephone Number 4244149977

Town Wilmington


Favourite Quote “Therapy is often a matter of tipping the first domino.” — Milton Erickson

Mind Expertise
Degree in Music Composition, certifications in Transformational Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Engineering, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and more. Thousands of hours of practical work with clients, achieving remarkable results.

Body Expertise
1) Powerful esoteric breathwork

2) Transference of healing energy. The breathwork will give an edge to your individuality, your will, and your personal discipline. The healing energy helps to release whatever might be holding you back.

Soul Expertise
I do include the invisible systems of a client in my work, i.e., the spirit and the soul.

Products and Services Offered
Dissolving blocks fears anxieties releasing trauma Allowing joy and spontaneity to surface *** Engendering clarity Transforming resistance Distilling to the sublime

My Greatest Achievement To Date
Working with an individual who has had five years of sleep deprivation, bringing on accompanying disorders: Chronic anxiety, dissociative disorder, extreme passivity, difficulty focusing, and other issues. Bringing about for him, stability, dramatically increased sleep, clarity, increased motivation, and a much-improved perspective on life. He had had, before me, more than 30 therapists of different modalities, also including conventional psychiatric treatment and meds.

Unique Selling Point
I work with the mind-imagination transforming fractured into wholeness. I often incorporate music in my process, carefully selected for the individual. The work brings about remarkable results in a matter of hours — The aforementioned results include but are not limited to, the areas of mindset, changing habits, releasing false limitations, attaining entrepreneurial goals, and so much more. One of my specialties, based on an extensive background in music, is working with musicians, composers, and performers, with again, remarkable results.

Who is my Ideal Customer
Someone who wants to enhance a part or a whole of their being. Personally, professionally, or within a relationship context. The work brings about remarkable results quickly, and among other specialties, I have particular insight into the instrumentalist, the vocalist, and the performer.

Customer Testimonials
A recent testimonial: With depression, sometimes it happens like this: You just wake up in the thick of it and can’t remember the journey; how you got there — because for some, depression doesn’t hit all at once. For me at least, depression more kind of crept into my bones like a winter chill, little by little, over the course of many weeks — perhaps months — until I was spending most of my days struggling to start or finish even simple, everyday tasks. My procrastination had grown so chronic, that I became practically paralyzed with inaction. And that’s because for me the world had become a dark place. That, dear friends, is the state of struggle Joan Sharp found me in when we first met. Joan, however — after just a few probing questions — knew exactly what magic to administer to get me back out into the light. Her effect on me has been nothing short of life-transforming. Today, I burst with fulfillment because I’m off pursuing meaningful goals, and taking charge of my daily life. Piles of to-do lists are things of the past because now I easily tear through my day accomplishing all that I set out to do. The icing on the cake is that even my loved ones have noticed the change. My wife and children are more than thrilled! I’m a better dad and husband, for sure. In addition, less than a month after Joan, I found interesting and worthwhile employment, finally. And I owe it all to Joan. My life has changed, plain and simple. She’s a miracle worker. Al Barber Many testimonials are on my website:

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1) Full breathing is essential (different from a “deep” breath)

2) Wake up in the morning and recall 3 people in your life for whom you feel gratitude

3) Focus on 3 joyful things for 5 to 10 minutes

4) Give yourself permission to lie around aimlessly for at least 30 minutes

5) think of one thing you have to look forward to for that day

If the above 5 tips are difficult or even impossible, please call me for a free consultation. If the above 5 tips, are doable, but you want much more in the way of results, you MUST contact me.
Anything You Want to Add
The work I do is quite unique and quite remarkable. I am not the typical life coach, nor is my hypnotherapy process typical. I give no homework, no lectures, no advice. In more than 95% of the cases, the work is finished in one long session, typically 4 hours, give or take. My usual rate is $1500 for the session, as it’s done in one session. HOWEVER, for calls that come through YHA, the rate is dramatically reduced.

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