Name Judith Quin

Business Description Vocal Confidence and Communication Specialist & Voice-Vibration Sound and Chakra Healing

Business Category Coaching & Emotional Wellbeing

Business Name  Your Whole Voice


Telephone Number +447941529322

City Charlton, London


Stop ‘Shoulding.’ Start Wanting

Favourite Quote
“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” -Viktor Frankl

Mind Expertise
I’m excellent at finding the subconscious blocks that stop you from changing perspective and moving forward.

Body Expertise
Helping you recognise where you hold emotional blocks in your body and understand how your voice and body are interlinked. (Your voice is a reflection of all your emotions and experiences and these are held in your body)

Soul Expertise
Connecting you to your whole self – to the pure essence of your higher self, connected to the energy of all that is – so you can connect to who you truly are without your human pain and gunk.

Products and Services Offered
1-2-1 Life and Vocal Confidence Coaching Sessions (From 45mins to 1yr Online and in-person)

Group Workshops (Online and in-person)

Vocal Confidence and Sound & Chakra Healing 3 & 7 Day Retreats (Voice-Vibration Sound & Chakra Healing for a Whole You)

Self-study/DIY Online Courses (Vocal Confidence & Sound Healing)

Online Sonic Meditation Membership & Drop-in Events

Sound Healing Oracle Deck Sonic Meditation CD Talks & Workshops for Companies, Groups & Events.

Professional Biography
When You Liberate Your Voice You Liberate Your Life.

I combine my experience and expertise of 20 years as a classically trained professional actor, my voice vibration sound and chakra meditation and healing skills (since 2011), and qualified life-coaching (2015) knowledge to help you connect to the whole of who you are and embody your true, whole, voice.

These skills, alongside my natural ability to hold space, intuit truth, and bring both ‘upfronts’ and humor to the room, help me help you find the previously hidden blocks, barriers, and beliefs so that you can change your perspective, and gain practical tools to be able to speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction, no matter the situation.

I am also a multi-award-winning vocal confidence coach, international public speaker, author, oracle card deck creator, and member of the Sound Healer’s Association and The Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe. Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You.
Unique Selling Point
I’m “practically spiritual.” There’s no point doing the ‘woo’ if it doesn’t work at ground level. Voice-vibration sound healing, crystal loving, barefoot on the earth and tree-hugging, meat-eating, Formula 1 watching, heavy metal rock chick!

Who is my ideal customer
Small business owners who aren’t speaking about themselves or their business with enough confidence, clarity, or conviction and need a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of clear messages about who they are and what they do, that resonate with their clients.

Perpetual People-Pleasers who are pissed off with other people getting their way all the time. Those who are frustrated and fed-up with not being heard and ready for transition and transformation.

Customer Testimonials
“The 2-Day workshop was well worth doing. It was such a revelation to see how each one of us gained confidence within ourselves. A big Thank you.” (Jenny Branscombe UK) “As a man wanting to be understood and to talk with greater confidence. I have made great progress thanks to Judith. If you are not confident in speaking like I was then Judith’s work is a great place to start.” (Daniel W, Dover, UK – sonic meditation member, 2-day workshop & online courses)


“A couple of weeks after the course I presented to 150 people online and an ex-manager said to me afterward “Who was that person? You’ve come on leaps and bounds!” ” (Margaret McFaddon – 2-day Workshop)


“It’s not just that I am happier to be in the spotlight, and speak more – my overall confidence has dramatically improved. Thank you.” (Hemali P. 1Day Intensive & 2-Day Workshop)


“I chose to attend this retreat to gain more clarity around how to expand both my business and areas of my personal life. Thanks to Judith’s gift for facilitating and holding space for, what is truly some of the most powerful healing work I have experienced yet, I succeeded in fulfilling this goal and have returned a far more peaceful and focused version of myself.” (Faye Bishop – 7 Day Retreat & Sound Healing)

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1) Breathe! (seriously – breath is life)

2) Sound it out. Whether angry or delighted – allow yourself to express it.

3) Have a clear focus of what you really want to create (physically, emotionally & energetically)

4) Ask for help. (This was my challenge – it makes such a difference!)

5) Do NOT ‘Should’ pr ‘Shouldn’t’ – ever ….. CHOOSE.

Call to Action 
Have a look at my freebies, articles, etc – or simply book a 20-minute connection call and let’s chat:

Anything You Want to Add
Vocal Confidence does not just mean public speaking – it means anything from stopping people-pleasing and being able to say ‘No’ once in a while, to find the resonant deepest truth message for your business, to public speaking to 1000 people – and all things in between!


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