Name  Justin Eade

Business Description Wellbeing Leadership ~ Occupational Health and Safety ~ Workplace Wellbeing ~ Indoors & Outdoors ~ Vision for Change

Business Category Workplace Health & Wellbeing. Nature-Based Business.

Business Name  Glimpse ~ Moving Well

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Telephone Number 07946519835

City Glasgow


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Favourite Quote ‘ We teach best what we most need to learn ‘

Mind Expertise TM + Other forms of meditation & mindfulness, Personal Development. Awareness

Body Expertise 25 years mind-body practice ~ Including Yoga, Qigong, Acupressure, Tibetan Exercise

Soul Expertise Embodiment. Nature Connection. Music!

Products and Services Offered
Knowledge | Nature | Place | Ideas ~ Teaching, Coaching, Facilitation

Professional Biography
Over 25 years of industry experience, working in and with some of the most creative and dynamic organisations in the world, including the BBC, MTV, The British Council, Media Trust, Warner Bros., Oxford Scientific Films, NHS. Specialising in mind-body practices and prevention strategies. Deep and intense knowledge and experience with lifestyle-related health and wellbeing, holistic approaches. Active Workplace and Nature Champion training.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
Taking 200 senior managers at the BBC ten years into the future…

Unique Selling Point

Who is my ideal customer
Organisations truly open to empowering their people.

Customer Testimonials

“Moving Well Workshops are excellently structured and packed full of relevant tips and information – Highly recommended”  Angela Meiklem – Teacher
“Best two hours of the week – Thank you!”  Elaine Briggs – HR Specialist
“Clear, detailed health information and direction,
 with a conversational style that puts you at ease.
 I highly recommend these workshops to everyone.”
 Helena Prentice  


Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
• Meditate morning & early evening, for at least ten minutes, preferably 20mins

• If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in any way ~ Move …go outside, walk, stretch, dance!

• Focus on what you want. (Limit rumination on things that make you unhappy.)

• Make sure you spend time around people whenever you feel lonely. Park life…

•  Trust Yourself

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Ask Yourself: 
What do you wish for the generations to come? How can you help bring that into being?



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