Name  Louise Fynes

Business Description Chilates Studio Ireland

Business Category Health/wellness/business professional

Business Name  Louise Fynes


Telephone Number 085 873 3199

Town/City Loughea, Galway 


Favourite Quote “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” Jim Rohn

Mind Expertise Mindfulness, NLP, Performance Coaching

Body Expertise Chilates / Pilates/ Movement Therapy



Chilates is a body-mind exercise/relaxation formula that perfectly suits our current new “normal” way of life.  This form of movement is suitable for all levels of fitness and can be easily adapted for people with various physical ailments.

Products and Services Offered Chilates, Performance Coaching in Business and Sport, Dorn, Myofascial Release and Cupping

Professional Biography
I have been teaching people how to reach the next level in fitness, health, and business for more than 25 years.

My career spans over three decades and three countries Ireland, England, and The Netherlands.

During this time I have had the pleasure of working with amazing professionals in Health, Wellness, Sport, business, and education institutes.

I am a specialist in Myofascial release, Dorn Therapy, Sport/Massage Therapy, Dry needling, Performance coaching, and Pilates/ Chilates. Online and in person.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
In business – Businesswoman of the year 2016 in Gorinchem the Netherlands. Personal mother to two amazing daughters. Being part of a wonderful loving family.

Unique Selling Point
I teach knowledge and skills that enable people can adapt to their daily lives e to turn their skills into actions to improve their overall wellbeing.

Who is my ideal customer
People who are ready to invest in themselves and their future well being

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