Name – Mandy Reid -Acupuncture, Coaching & NLP Belfast

Business Name  – Mindmenders/ The Wellness Hub

E-mail Address  –

Telephone Number – 07814187735

Town/City – Belfast

Website –

Mind Expertise –  Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Hypnosis/Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Talk Therapy  

Body Expertise – Physical Touch Therapy

Soul Expertise – Aromatherapy, Spirituality.

Business Description – At Mindmenders Wellness Hub we bring together both ancient and cutting edge modalities to treat and enhance both your mental and physical health. We also sell an array of supporting products and are more than happy to discuss with you any current concerns or future dreams.


Two Core beliefs we hold at the hub…

The body is a healing machine


We all have a massive potential to achieve our dreams we just need to unlock it!


Business Category – Health and Wellness Centre

Products and Services Offered



Professional BiographyThe Before:

The Now:

QuoteAs you live your life, quieten your head, listen to your heart and what follows will be a life that makes your soul sing……

Greatest Achievement To Date – Walking away from a successful and very well paid career in IT to create my business Mindmenders The Wellness Hub and loving every single minute of it!!!

Unique Selling Point – I truly and passionately believe that we all hold the solutions to our own problems, I won’t attempt to impose my solutions on you, I will simply help you find yours.  

Who Is My Ideal Customer – I don’t know yet as they will find me. For me it’s not a case of customers being mine it more that I am theirs.

Customer Testimonial – Mandy is a world of knowledge! She is caring compassionate and radiates a warmth that evokes a natural trust.

My mind has been blown by my Psych K experiences
Negative belief patterns were transformed into empowering new self-beliefs and concepts
My mind body and spirit were brought into alignment and cohesion
These experiences are not like anything I have ever experienced truly life-changing at the deepest visceral level
The wellness hub has such a wide variety of treatments and sessions that cater to mind body and spirit

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times 

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