Name  Mark Carolan

Business Description Life & Executive coach, corporate wellbeing coach & consultant & public speaker

Business Category Coaching and public speaking

Business name  Mark Carolan Coaching


Telephone Number +353874191040

Town Drogheda, Ireland


Favourite Book Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

Favourite Quote “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”

Mind Expertise Coaching & NLP, mindset, motivation, cognitive dissonance

Body Expertise Goal Orientation, motivation and focus to get physically healthy

Soul Expertise Releasing through shifts in coaching, holding space to allow the truth to be experienced

Products and Services Offered Life, career and Executive coaching. NLP. Corporate wellbeing coach and consultant. Public speaking – motivation, mindset, habits and well-being.

Professional Biography
20+ year successful career in the corporate world, majority of those years in management and senior management positions, handling critical clients and responsible for multi-functional cross-border teams.

Before following my passion, taking what I loved about my work, developed and coached people, and forged a new career in the coaching space.

I now work as a Life and executive/career coach, accredited through Kingstown college, and NLP Practitioner, licenced by the Irish NLP institute.

I am also a corporate wellbeing coach and consultant working with corporations to develop and implement corporate wellbeing programmes.

I am also engaged within the corporate world to provide talks on motivation, self-care, habits and many more topics.

My Greatest Achievement To Date Leaving the corporate world to become a successful entrepreneur

Unique Selling Point I’ve lived the changes you need to make

Who is my ideal customer Stressed, overworked, busy corporate management and C-Suite executives who need to back control of their lives

Customer Testimonials
“I instantly wanted to work with Mark because he was genuinely interested in me and how he could help. I have so many tools going away from my sessions with Mark and have already implemented a lot of these. I feel like a different person after working with Mark and will be forever grateful for this. Highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for guidance.” Claire


“I felt very much at ease working with Mark. He is very skilled at identifying your strengths and helping you build on them. I would recommend working with Mark. Gary Mark asks questions to get you to think. He is forward-thinking and helps you from not standing in your own way. I have learnt a few techniques after only a couple of sessions online that have really helped in my day to day life.” Niamh


“I was very unhappy in my career when I started to work with Mark. He helped me figure out my values and I could see my current job did not align with them at all. Mark helped identify my strengths so I could put my focus in the right direction. I have taken significant steps to move towards the career I’ve always wanted and am very thankful for Marks assistance with this.” Síobhan


“How you arrange the thoughts of your life into a narrative can shape who you are. The challenge lies in getting those thoughts out of your head. Mark has a wonderful gift and talent to support and give guidance to allow you to do just that. My sessions with Mark have allowed me to start having the life I want and more importantly need. Mark, I will be forever grateful .”Sinéad 


“I had the good fortune of working with Mark as my coach earlier this summer. I found his approach to be incredibly attuned. An excellent listener, he is an even more exemplary and discerning questioner. I felt empowered to take action after each session, and always appreciated Mark’s ability to read between the lines. I was able to arrive naturally and confidently at some conclusions that previously seemed beyond reach. A first-rate coach interprets not only from what is said but also and maybe even more so from what is not said. Mark’s sensitivity to body language, and the myriad ways that communication can be expressed, allow him to connect deeply with his clients while never losing sight of their current goals. I would recommend Mark unreservedly. His clarity and compassion are truly stellar combinations.” Grace


“When I engaged Mark as my coach I was still unsure of what I could gain from a coaching relationship. Mark enabled me to get clarity on thoughts that had been running around my head for years. I now have a clear sense of purpose and direction for where my life is going and feel excited about what I can achieve. “Tony


“I decided to work with Mark as a coach because I felt my career had stagnated. We worked through some very interesting exercises that enabled me to get a fresh perspective on my management style and the successes and failures of my career to date, how these had impacted me and what I had learned from them. This has re-energised me completely and I am now working on my strengths and looking forward to how my career unfolds. I highly recommend working with Mark to enhance your career.” John


“I was lucky to be coached by Mark on a few occasions. He is a great insightful coach. Professional approach, easy to talk to. Highly recommend him.” Darya


“Mark is a great coach, very intuitive and professional. I had many insights and taken away actions that have helped me on my journey. I would recommend working with Mark if you want a positive change in your life and a way forward.Martina


“Mark’s passion for coaching is evident. He is empathic and professional. Talking to Mark really helped me gain clarity and move forward in a substantial way. “Jessie-Lynn

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1. Pause, breathe deep, take a look around, you are not the problems you are identifying with.

2. Let’s reframe your language – get rid of those words ‘should’ for ‘could.

3. The greatest of changes starts with the smallest step – find the smallest action you can do to move forward.

4. If anxious and worried, ask yourself, ‘How am I doing this to myself

5. Get clear on your ‘why’, get so crystal clear that no doubt, no fear, no worry has any more power over you.
Call to Action 
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