Name  Mary MacRory

Business Description Business and Life Coaching

Business Category Business Coaching FCCA, Life Coaching

Business name  Mary MacRory & Co Ltd


Telephone Number +353876322679

Town Naas, County Kildare, Ireland


Book  Women, Work and Wellness

Favourite Quote “Happiness depends upon ourselves”. Aristotle.

Products and Services Offered
Individual Business Coaching 121

Individual Life Coaching 121

4 session Program or 4-month Program for a longer-term Project e.g. setting up a business.

Speaker at Corporate Events and Wellness days.

Author of “Women, Work, and Wellness” – a comprehensive, practical guide to help understand your beliefs, goals, and how to achieve them. It covers many topics to help you in your daily business, career, or personal life. Based on my own life experience and also using tools, tip,s and techniques from coaching, NLP, holistic and mainstream therapies.

Professional Biography
Mary MacRory was born in North Yorkshire (UK) and graduated from Durham University with a Joint Hons BSc in Botany and Geography. Having first her father as a mentor and then the inspirational Botanist David Bellamy as a lecturer increased her lifetime love of nature and growing plants.

She made the pragmatic decision to move to Dublin, Ireland where she qualified and worked as an Accountant (FCCA).

Nearly 40 years later, having trained with Ernst & Young, worked in many different industrial and financial sectors, held several Finance Director roles in companies like Alcoa and GE, plus extensive consultancy work, Mary is well placed as a business mentor and coach. Mary then certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Thinking, Reiki, and Life Coaching and many holistic modalities. By working upon the dissatisfaction in her own work-life balance, she realised that she could help other people. She wrote “Women, Work, and Wellness”, a comprehensive self-help guide for stressed working women. Scan the QR code to avail of all the resources available to you Mary coaches and mentors in Life and Business. Her next project is establishing a Native Oak Woodland on a 10-acre site on the Kildare/Dublin border in Ireland. Planting will begin in November 2021. It is eco-friendly, good for sequestering/storing carbon in the trees and in the soil, and for biodiversity. Plus it is also financially viable.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
There are 2 of these! Firstly, writing and self-publishing a comprehensive, self-help book in December 2018, “Women, Work, and Wellness”. Secondly, successfully produced a Business Plan for Kildare County Council for an organic smallholding on 11.5 acres, where we then obtained planning permission and built our house. I successfully grew and sold organic strawberries to Tesco, Superquinn, Temple Bar Market, and to local restaurants. It was a great and safe environment for my children to grow and play plus to have numerous dogs and cats!


Unique Selling Point

I am a Business Coach with a Professional Accountancy qualification FCCA and who has a successful track record as an auditor, financial controller, financial director, and consultant.

I know about all aspects of a business.

Additionally, I offer life and mindset coaching.

A powerful resource for clients.

Who is my ideal customer
A business owner/manager who needs both practical business mentoring and support and life and mindset coaching. I am particularly interested in helping women working in Corporate having had first-hand experience of working at senior Financial Controller and Director levels whilst ensuring my family, growing children, and aging mother were also supported. I realised that I was at the bottom of the list!! Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential. That is the message of my book too.

Customer Testimonials
“I feel more positive and enthusiastic about the Project. I feel I can make it work to my benefit. The Parts Integration made me feel more light-hearted and I can see the plan more clearly. I think this has made me more focused and eager, pushing me to get things done rather than putting them off. I subsequently went on to form a construction company with ten staff, bought machinery, and did well for 5 years until I decided to retire this year, 2021. Mary was the Financial Director and looked after all the admin, accounts, tax, executive pensions, and compliance issues”. I still touch base with Mary regarding current and future business plans from both a coaching and financial viewpoint.” Dan O’Driscoll


“Mary MacRory helped me so much with my confidence which helped me better myself towards my education and lifestyle. Mary helped me believe in myself when applying for Trinity College, the top university in Ireland. She also gave a mock interview to prepare for the Trinity interview. I did not get into Trinity and she encouraged me to pursue it the next year”. Nick is now in the fourth and final year of his Computer Science degree. Nicky Lawlor


“Mary totally understood me”. Maeve Allen


“A big thank you Mary for a powerful Quantum Release. Having immediately put our session into context, you very quickly got the feel of where I was coming from. With great empathy and understanding, you did a brilliant job on your questioning and probing and you very quickly got to the crux of the issue. You did a brilliant job on the Quantum Release itself. There was also a belief change, lots of reframing, and a specific call to action, which was fantastic. Thank you so much and lots of love.” Patricia Grimes


“I really enjoyed the first coaching session with Mary. Mary enabled me to tap into the underlying issue by probing me with different questioning techniques. From the outset, Mary put me at ease which meant that I was very comfortable discussing the issue with her. She was extremely practical, open-minded and above all, she demonstrated a positive attitude throughout our session which helped me to feel re-energised. The issue I wished to address was my motivation to continue with my weight loss journey following the birth of my baby. The coaching session helped me to draw out what changes I needed to make to re-energise and re-motivate myself. For example, I plan to follow the positive visualization and affirmation tools that Mary suggested. In addition, I plan to take up exercises which I really enjoy such as Zumba and swimming. Overall, I found the session very enjoyable and I took away excellent insights and learnings from it.” Orla O’Rourke

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1. Practice gratitude daily upon waking. If it’s only a few moments to appreciate the good people and things in your life – do it!

2. I like to meditate after this as it sets me up in a positive and balanced state for the day ahead. This only needs to be for 10 minutes. I explore all the positive, scientific evidence in my book regarding the many advantages for our mental and physical health gained by practicing meditation.

3. Keeping a Journal is definitely an underused tool. For me, it gives me great clarity. I often do diagrams if assess pros and cons, write down plans, thoughts and get “stuff out of my head” and down onto paper. This clears headspace so instead of overthinking and going round in circles, I can see things more easily, can prioritise and plan actions more effectively.

4. Be aware of your energy. Avoid negative people who drain you. Instead choose those who are positive, encourage you, and who lift your energy. Reiki is another extremely useful tool for balancing our energetic state.

5. Realise the power and therapeutic impact of nature. Walk outside in woodlands and respect that nature has been around for millennia and has seen off several pandemics. I am hugely excited about my Oak Woodland Project starting later this month – November 2021.

Areas Where Mary can help you better understanding of yourself and your beliefs, more importantly how to shift the negative ones that block you Improving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing – the therapeutic powers of nature are only now being fully appreciated partly due to the impact and the trauma and lockdowns that everyone experienced during Covid19 Enabling you to devise a step-by-step plan to achieve a significant change such as starting up your own business, writing a book, building your home or whatever it is that you are seeking Achieving a positive, empowered, abundant mindset and lifestyle even after narcissistic setbacks More effective management of your time, your stress and how to deal with procrastination and overwhelm Success in the corporate world, especially for women Practical business mentoring and advice plus mindset coaching to set up businesses, grow and scale them. Successful tax and wealth planning, an important often neglected area, that is critical to success.

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Watch my video on “connection with self and nature” It was filmed during the middle of the Covid lockdown.

I personally got great solace from the message I was presenting as my brother unexpectedly died during this period.


Listen to my interview with Victoria Mary Clarke about my book, “Women, Work and Wellness”, on her FM103.2 Dublin City program, “All About Books” using the link “Listen Now!”

women, work and wellness Mary MacRory

A Practical, helpful and up-to-date guide for working women who juggle their careers and family lives often under enormous stress.
This Book will help you in different areas of your life and work, and it includes looking at different mainstream and holistic therapies, that may awaken ideas and useful tips, tools and techniques.

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This webinar looks at the essentials in refocusing business and mindset in post-Brexit and post-Covid times



Transform Your Life – Tenerife Retreat
It’s the start of a new journey where self-limiting beliefs are gone, the new confident and empowered you has emerged, and your whole life begins to enjoy harmony and abundance that comes with natural alignment. Arrive tired, stressed, perhaps a little lost… Leave feeling calm, energised, and ready to take on the world
Depending on the Covid situation I’ll be offering a 4 month coaching program including a Holistic Week in Tenerife.


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