Name – Nathalie Sansonetti ‘The Gut Whisperer’

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Business Name New – Leaf Nutrition & Coaching

Business Category  – Gut Health With Nutrition & Coaching

Location – Brighton, England

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Favourite Quote “What you focus on expands”

Mind Expertise I use effective tools to change limiting beliefs and perceptions, helping people to be ok with putting themselves first, to relax, build resilience, improve confidence and motivation in all areas of their lives.

Body Expertise Gut health – which when not optimal, will impact every other physical area of your body and mind.

Soul Expertise I help people to remove physical pain and cope better with stress and anxiety, which in turn helps them to find their ‘old’ self again, gain motivation, hope and excitement for the future and often find their calling.

Products and services offered Personalised, 1-2-1 programmes for durations of 8-weeks and 12-weeks dealing with acid reflux, IBS, and multiple health issues.

I also offer online courses: “What to eat for IBS”, “Foundation Programme”, which includes a Hair Mineral Analysis and 1-2-1 session, “The Better Gut Bundle Package” with Hair mineral analysis and access to the “What to eat for IBS” online course.

Professional Biography In the 80s, I discovered the power of food on health at age 18 and have not stopped researching and training in the fields of nutrition and ‘mind-body’ aspects since then.

I gained a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in 2009, followed by a Health Coaching qualification in 2017. I also trained with the College of Naturopathic Nutrition and obtained a Diploma in Food Allergy & Intolerance.

I trained with Karl Dawson and obtained certification as an EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and am currently training as an Al Ferasa Mentor, which uses physiognomy to gain a deep understanding of one’s subconscious and personality.

My Greatest Achievement to Date Seeing time and time again people move from pain, despair and depression to a life full of possibility and without pain.

Who is my ideal customer Mostly women who are stuck in their lives because of the gut and other health issues. Women going through menopause or other transitions in life understand the power of their minds on their bodies. I also help men!

Customer Testimonials

“When I first discovered Nathalie, I was having incredibly painful gut issues, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, you name it! Doctors were seemingly happy to label it IBS; gave me omeprazole on a long-term basis. I was booked in for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy (the same visit, what a joyful experience!), which I proceeded with (all clear, thankfully), but first met with Nathalie prior to the hospital appointment.

Needless to say, after a couple of visits to Nathalie, I was already close to canceling this invasive testing, as the initial changes made to my lifestyle, with Nathalie’s incredible insight into these issues, had very positive effects, in a very short time frame! After several months of one on one counseling (using video meetings – very flexible), I felt in charge of my diet, and ultimately my life! I’m less tired, rarely suffer gut issues, know what to avoid, and also what I can ingest to not incur the wrath of my body’s rejection!

There have been some changes to my diet, but nothing that leaves me lacking in what my body needs. All in all, I can’t recommend Nathalie enough, and certainly thank her for turning my life around from an ongoing inconvenience, which had cost me days off work, missed evenings out, a reduction in gym days, and had imposed on me a general lethargy and poor quality of life! Thanks again!”

Mark Howell, UK


“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 5 months ago. 4 months after seeing Natalie and completely changing the way I eat and learning ways to deal with stress. I have today been told there is no inflammation/ Crohn’s showing in my body!!! So happy!!!!!! Thank you Natalie”

Lauren Tarry, Lancing


“When I first contacted Nathalie I was not in a good place. My gut/bowel problems were totally out of control. Trying to self-medicate had reduced me to a very dangerous beige low fiber diet. I was in a pretty desperate state. After signing up for the 90-day program Nathalie completely changed my diet.

I was eating food that not even under normal circumstances I would have considered but the results were amazing. Sure there were some setbacks but trial and error are all part of the journey. Now life is good again, following Nathalie’s guidance proved to be my saving grace. I cannot recommend her enough. From the very start, I felt listened to, understood, and encouraged. Her holistic approach really resonated with me. Totally amazing.”

Sandra Hanscombe, Eastbourne


“I first contacted Nathalie to find out about possible food intolerances, but happily discovered she offered so much more. Her 90-day course has been life-changing and I’ll no doubt reap the benefits for the rest of my life. Not only did Nathalie help me resolve years of miserable bowel issues and encourage me to embrace (and enjoy!) a whole new way of eating, but she also helped me to realise my potential in other areas of my life. I cannot recommend Nathalie/Gut Loving Life highly enough.”

Lesley Dickson, Brighton


“I have suffered from IBS for over 10 years. It was kind of manageable, till a few months ago when it got too much to handle. On top of that, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago and, in order to treat it, doctors started giving me high doses of hormones, which kept on increasing. Needless to say, it did more harm than good. These two conditions were taking over my life, my stress level was very high, and, no matter what I ate, I was constantly bloated and tired.

After multiple unsuccessful doctor’s appointments, I decided to start working with Nathalie. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Working with her has been not only an eye-opening experience but also a mind-opening one. She has broadened my views on food, helped me gain more confidence, and taught me how to manage my stress.

I thought that my problems were only caused by wrong food choices, but she made me realize that food is only one of the factors. She helped me improve my lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am no longer bloated, tired, or overstressed.

I feel better and more confident about myself. I couldn’t recommend Nathalie enough. She is such a lovely and empowering woman. She puts so much effort into every session, genuinely listens to your problems and concerns, plus her recipes are delicious!! Merci beaucoup, Nathalie, tu es merveilleuse!

Laura Morbini, Brighton


“A big thank you to Nathalie for helping me deal with reflux issues. Not only was her dietary guidance excellent but I also liked the holistic way in which she works. I now see that it’s so important that every area of one’s life will affect digestion and am so happy that after 3 months of working with Nathalie that I feel that I am almost back to ‘normal’!

Anne Priborski, Eastbourne


I have achieved so much. I have gone from worrying about being able to leave the house alone and living an isolated life, having lost touch with friends and the ability to travel to now feeling able to go anywhere on my own. I love food, no longer feel trapped about what I can and can’t eat.

I used to resent food and feel frightened of it but now I am excited to try new recipes and really enjoy the foods I once did again. My fear, panic, and anxiety have completely gone. I feel permanently healed and have no fear of any of my attacks returning.

In fact, I have not had any attacks since starting the program and really know how to look after myself now. I can’t describe fully how Nathalie has helped me get my life back and for that, I am so grateful to her. I would highly recommend anyone considering starting the program to go for it, trust the process and reap the benefits.”

Andrea, London


I came to see Nathalie at a very low point regarding my health and attitude of mind regarding my body. I was suffering from an autoimmune condition, one of the symptoms being fatigue, also a leaky gut, sibo, osteoarthritis, and numerous food intolerances.

Nathalie’s guidance, care, kindness not to mention her wealth of knowledge, skills, and excellent intuition, far exceeded any expectations that I had and have transformed my life for the better. I now sleep better than I ever have, my osteoarthritis has completely disappeared, my energy levels are so much better and I have an awareness of the foods that serve me well and those that do not.

Nathalie’s teachings explained everything in a way that enabled my relationship with my body to grow and flourish. I now care for my body because I want to, not because I have to. Her program, her patience, and wisdom have enabled me now to have the pleasure of enjoying a more relaxed, creative, confident, and fulfilling life.”

Teri, Brighton

Unique Selling Point My approach is truly holistic, as I offer expertise, years of experience, and personal trials in the field of nutrition, together with tools and techniques that enable the person to deeply reconnect with themselves and their inner healing power.

Here are 5 tips To Help You Through This Challenging Times

1: Take 5 deep breaths through your abdomen 5 times a day (especially before meals to boost your digestion) – imagine inflating a balloon in your belly every time you breathe in. and deflating it when exhaling slowly.

2: How you eat is more important than what you eat. So take stock of the way you eat: Are you taking time? Are you chewing? Being mindful of your food? If not, go to points 3 and 4 below!

3: Take time to eat. Slow down. Take 20 minutes for the main meal

4: Chew more – up to 30 times per mouthful! Put your fork down between each bite.

5: Sleep is your best healing opportunity! Remove all electronics from your bedroom to improve sleep, including your phone. Get a battery-operated alarm clock.

Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me to discuss your issues and see if I can help you. Use this link to my diary:


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