Name –  Pascale Lutz –  IET & EFT Energy Healing Cork

Business Name –  Pascale Lutz

Email Address –

Telephone Number –  0863836930

Town/City –  Douglas, Cork

Website –

Soul Expertise – Spirituality

Body Expertise –  Energy Healing

Business Description – I am a fully qualified beautician, an EFT practitioner, an IET master-instructor, a vision board facilitator, an author. I published a book, “Always there for you”, Happiness Cards, Mini Daily Happiness Cards, and Mini Daily Happiness Cards for the Young, a Happiness Diary every year, and this year My Green Journal with Benjy, for primary school age children. I also make my own jewellery (beads, resin and silver).

Business Category –  Holistic and retail

Who Is My Ideal Customer 

Women from 18 years old on.

Men who are curious about the holistic side of life.

Children of primary school age (7 to 11 or 12)

Testimonial –  They are on my website.

5 Tips To Give You In Challenging Times 

  1. Switch off your TV.
  2. Do not give in to fear. Use your common sense. Do your own research and do not believe everything they say on TV.
  3. Practise meditation, or yoga, or Qi Gong, or Tai Chi, or any spiritual grounding practice.
  4.  Whatever your beliefs and perceptions are, they are what will create your reality.
  5. Your thoughts create your everyday reality. If you don’t like your everyday reality, change your thoughts, and your everyday reality will change.

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