Name Permelia Parham

Business Description Vibrational Healing offers emotional healing sessions using The Body Code modality; individual consultations on realigning beliefs and healing past lifetime energy; and teaches strategies to expand self-awareness and be empowered to make positive life changes.

Business Category Holistic Emotional Healing

Business name  Vibrational Healing


Telephone Number +1 – 250-240-2656

Town/City Parkville, British Columbia, Canada


Favourite Quote Joy and peace are my inheritance” ~ A Course In Miracles

Mind Expertise I have studied and incorporated emotional and energy healing into my life for over 20 years.

Body Expertise I have a daily practice of yoga meditation each morning.

Soul Expertise I have been A Course In Miracles student for over 8 years. ACIM studies are a daily practice.

Products and Services Offered Emotional Healing sessions using the Body Code & Emotion Code modalities. Individual consultations to realign limiting beliefs and heal past life energy.

Professional Biography
Permelia Parham is a teacher and practitioner of energy healing. She has studied and taught this healing modality for over 20 years. Permelia is a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner, offering emotional healing sessions to release unprocessed negative emotions from the subconscious. Through her company, Vibrational Healing, Permelia provides Body Code healing sessions, individual consultations, and workshops teaching strategies on how to increase energy, expand self-awareness, and be empowered to make positive and successful life changes. These sessions can be done in person or via the phone or zoom. Permelia has had great success working with adults, children, and animals by releasing unprocessed emotions for better health.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
Assisting clients on their holistic wellness journey by releasing emotions that no longer serve them so they can be well and stay well.

Unique Selling Point I am heart-centered and always work with my clients and their best health interests.

Who is my ideal customer
Mainly women ages 40 to 70. My ideal customer is anyone who is willing to invest in themselves to be as healthy as possible.

Customer Testimonials
“I just wanted to let you know that something very major has shifted in me. I really believe it has to do with the prenatal “unworthiness” that was trapped. Years of therapy of every kind imaginable and I was never able to shake a deep feeling of “what’s wrong with me” in fact I would catch myself repeating it to myself in my head many times a day. Nothing has ever touched that feeling or resolved it. Finally, it’s gone!!!! The feeling behind the words is gone. Now I feel it in my soul, spirit, body, every part of me. That there is NOTHING WRONG with Me. I feel a certain lightness and joy today. And I know this is just the beginning. Thank you from the depths of my being. “GT


“I had a chronically sore upper back over a period of about 3 months. It was constantly sore and would get worse at night and after sleeping. The pain radiated up my neck and affected my jaw, activating a TMJ condition and giving me headaches. I did lots of emotion code and body code work on it and while it would improve slightly, it would always come back. I had one session of Body Code with Permelia and was surprised with what needed to be released. After that session, it was almost completely better. It continued to improve over several days and now, sometime later, there is no pain, tension, or discomfort. Thank you Permelia for the great work. This was a serious nagging problem that needed outside intervention. “MP


“I have done a lot of different types of healings from various practitioners but I felt that I was still stuck with trapped emotions that were ingrained into my psyche. Permelia helped me to release trapped emotions. I participated in guiding the sessions because Permelia asked what I wanted to work on at the beginning of each session. Having to think about what I wanted to work on in each session helps to guide the session and what is being released. Totally amazing. I feel like I made some headway by releasing all of these trapped emotions. I feel great and I feel like things are moving forward. I feel like I am a much calmer person, feeling worthy of the good things coming my way and I am on my way to being independent, sovereign, and free.” CC


“I want to thank you for my Body Code session. I can’t put into words how amazing the results were, but one thing that was truly astonishing had to do with my broken ankle. You sensed that I had a “disconnect” between my right ankle and right foot (not knowing it was my right ankle that was broken). The negative energy was expelled. A week later I got my cast removed and they took x-rays. The doctor said my bones had already fused and were healing wonderfully! Also…my foot didn’t hurt anymore. At all! Not only have I already begun to heal emotionally, but I’m healing physically as well. There are not enough words to describe my appreciation. “VB

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1. Connect to a source using mediation, energy grounding, and conscious breathing techniques.

2. Take nature walks in the forest or by water.

3. Connect with like-minded people via zoom or any social media platform.

4. Subscribe to spiritual blogs, magazines, and newsletters.

5. Keep a Gratitude Journal ~ expressing gratitude has a high emotional vibration.

Call to Action 

Book a 20-minute complimentary Body Code information session.

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