Name –Samantha Louise Nelson

Business Description
Leadership Cultivation: Guiding next-generation leaders to create new personal and organizational ecosystems by using the power of bio cognition to rewrite the unwritten rules of antiquated cultural conditioning and societal expectations.

Business Name  Samantha Louise INC


Telephone Number 3204447870

Town  Atwater, Minnesota


Book (yet to be published) The Code of Sisterhood

Favourite Quote “Potential… we all have the extraordinary coded within us waiting to be released.” Jean Houston

Mind Expertise Biocognitive Science

Body Expertise Developmentally Adapted Somatic Healing

Soul Expertise Kundalini & Reiki Activation

Products and Services Offered Leadership Coaching, Women’s Retreats, Speaking

Professional Biography
My passion is women’s empowerment and organizational cultural branding. Currently, I am a doctoral student at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College studying leadership and learning in organizations which complements my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership specializing in organizational systems change. I hold a Diplomate and Instructorship in Biocognitive Science as well as a Diplomate in Biocognitive Organizational Science with a specialty in mission and vision development to inform experiential employee training, workplace wellbeing, and business innovation. With experience in curriculum design, I ensure a humanistic approach to each framework I develop for personal and career development and vocational empowerment.

My Greatest Achievement To Date 2016 Minnesota Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year

Unique Selling Point The integration of biocognitive science and instructional design allows me to create customized growth experiences based on the implicit needs of one person, community, or team of many members.

Who is my ideal customer
I work with females (and their support systems) along the developmental journey of: 1) self-leadership in girlhood, 2) sisterhood community in adolescence womanhood, 3) and organizational leadership in womanhood. These girls and women are visionary, but without appropriate skills in self-expression and owning personal power, oftentimes feel suppressed, unseen, and misunderstood. They are girls and women seeking to change the world through inspiration and human understanding, to move the soul rather than manipulate the mind for results that achieve a personal agenda. These girls and women are here as advocates and designers of an evolved human experience.

Customer Testimonials
1) Samantha facilitated an action plan that has given us a hopeful way forward. Her skills, gifts, and passions center on equipping people to live lives of meaning grounded in the knowledge of their worth, value, integrity, and holistic wellness.

2) I highly recommend Samantha to other organizations that are looking for a liberating way forward. She equips people to live lives of meaning grounded in the knowledge of their worth, value, integrity, and wellbeing.

3) My key takeaway is how VERY important it is to take a moment to breathe and be aware. I went into our session beyond stressed, came out relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. I didn’t want it to end!

4) It was calming, informative, and Samantha didn’t just tell us to “take time for ourselves”. We were given some actual tools to use.

5) The way we learned to make sure we are in the correct role, or archetype, (visionary, guardian, warrior) at certain times of the day for functionality and wellbeing is so important.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
(1) Create blank space in your calendar for nothingness, to stop the business of “doing stuff” constantly.

(2) Spend time alone and in silence to get acquainted with your thoughts, emotions, and personal needs.

(3) Map out the differences between values and belief systems you were taught as opposed to values and beliefs by which you wish to live.

(4) Consider your own distrust of and competition with other women. What caused this? What do you need to heal? How can you show up differently, perhaps with loyalty and honor, in a healthy community of women?

(5) Acta Non-Verba: Move into action beyond words by living your personal truth and modeling a new paradigm of leadership in womanhood.

Call to Action
Anything You Want to Add
I’m excited to be part of this community where science and spirituality connect to transform and heal individuals, communities, and organizations.


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