Name  Sarah Breslin

Business Description Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments & Good4all Giftcard giving the gift of wellbeing

Business Category Wellbeing Support

Business name –Good4all Giftcard & Sarah Breslin Wellness


Telephone Number  0872486852

Town  Maynooth, Kildare


Favourite Quote The fun is in the Journey

Mind Expertise Helping people let go of stress and anxiety through physical release

Body Expertise Helping people let go of physical waste, stress and emotions held in the body

Soul Expertise Sensing where people are holding on

Products and Services Offered  Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments, Colon Hydrotherapy Practitioner Training, Gut health supplements, Good4all Giftcard

Professional Biography
I’m originally from Maynooth in Co. Kildare.  I have lived in many places over the years but finally made it back home in 2014.

In my previous life, I worked in financial services but I knew that I really wanted to do something that made a difference to someone every day so I embarked on my education into Wellness therapies.

I trained as an ITEC beautician and massage therapist in Portlaoise and followed this up with lots of postgraduate training. My Massage treatments are based on massage cupping as I find it is a great technique to release tension and pain without feeling uncomfortable.

I am currently a board member of IMTA ( )

In 2011 I moved to Spain with my family and this is where my journey with Colon Hydrotherapy began. While working at a Juicing Health Retreat I qualified as a Colonic therapist which I was doubtful about at first but once I saw the difference it made to the clients I was hooked. I have done thousands of colonics at this stage and it never ceases to amaze me the changes it brings about in people.

I am a fully registered member of RICTAT ( organisation ) and am now the accredited trainer for RICTAT Colon Hydrotherapy Training in Ireland.

My goal is to help people feel the best they can and that is why I became a therapist. Now it has spurred me to create Good4all Giftcard. It’s a wellbeing giftcard that allows people to use it at any of the practitioners listed in our directory. I am so excited about this new venture and really believe we can help many more people feel their best and create a life that is Good4all!! Helping you give the gift of wellbeing.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
Creating Good4all Giftcard from the ground up during the most stressful period of business with lockdowns and restrictions

Unique Selling Point
Good4all Giftcard is a simple way to spread the gift of welbeing while giving choice. It creates a circular economy that benefits everyone, hence the name Good4all!

Who is my Ideal customer
SME looking to create or add to their wellbeing offering for their employees in a simple and cost effective way. Click HERE to Learn More. 



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