Name-Shama Khurana 
Business Description-Life Coach and Corporate & Executive Coach
Business Category Coaching – Life Coaching and Business Coaching
Business Name – Shama Helps You
Telephone Number +447956028766
Town/City Warwick
Favourite Quote “Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them makes life meaningful.”
Mind Expertise Yoga and meditation
Body Expertise I’m a vegetarian
Soul Expertise Spirituality
Products and Services Offered Products – Coaching Pack (included 4 CDs and a Booklet) Services. I am a Life Coaching and Business Coach
Professional Biography
2 years in a local solicitor – Litigation Clerk. 20 years in Further Education and Higher Education PGCE (Oxford Brookes) ESOL (English for Speakers in Other Languages), Maths and English lecturer, ILM (Institute in Leadership and Management), Dyslexia tutor, In-house trainer for staff. Please see my website for full details
My Greatest Achievement To Date Being independent and dignified, despite everything life, has thrown at me
Unique Selling Point
BECOME so much more DO so much more ACHIEVE so much more
Who is my ideal customer
Anyone willing to become a better version of themselves
Customer Testimonials
Please see my website
Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
Think about your goals?
Think why these were important to you?
Have these goals changed?
Plan what you are going to do.
Seek help and advice to achieve!
You can do it!
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