Name  Sharon Comrie

Business Description Your body and face cannot be traded in for a new one, like a car, so let me help you take care of yours so it lasts a long time and fights the visible signs of ageing at a cellular level!

Business Category Anti Ageing

Business Name  Sharon Comrie Training & Management


Telephone Number +4407905624261

Town/City Airdrie


Book “Outwitting the Devil”

Favourite Quote
“The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.”

Mind Expertise
– Helping to support healthy brain structure and functions

– Supporting youthful cognition and memory

– Supporting a sense of wellbeing and healthy mood

– Helping to support memory, concentration, mental sharpness, and overall circulation to the brain.

Body Expertise
Focus is on PREVENTION rather than cure!


-Supporting the skin to age slower and repair on a cellular level by allowing the DNA to express in a more youthful pattern

-Supporting the structure of the skin to lift, tone, tighten from top to toe -Working with epigenetic science combined with the world no.1 anti-ageing technology (awarded by Euromonitor 2017-2020)


-Supporting your bodies natural ability to fight disease

-Using nutrigenomics and the worlds largest DNA database to assist your body to wake up, be more vibrant, reduce inflammation

-Helping to promote circulation to the brain, arms, and legs

-Monitoring and supporting your body antioxidant protection to aid in helping to support your antioxidant defence system in fighting free radicals

– Cellular Health – Helping to support DNA damage protection/repair. • Brain Health • Heart Health – Blood vessel integrity/elasticity, blood glucose control, healthy blood pressure regulation • Metabolic Health • Bone Health • Joint Health • Eye Health • Physical Performance • Immune Health Antioxidant Nobel Prize-winning measuring with a money-back guarantee

Soul Expertise
Helping you to love your own skin, by feeling amazing, living healthy and in turn increasing your positivity and confidence as you age with vitality

Products and Services Offered
Client Services: As a client, we will find solutions to any skin, body or health concerns with the understanding that it is not ‘Just a sale’ in most cases you have the choice to undergo skin and/or health consultation followed by a chat on how I can assist through award-winning scientific proven solutions.

I also offer a VIP members club where we offer ‘how-to videos, online get-togethers, regular catch-ups, customer loyalty rewards program and exclusive offer’ .

With over 600 products worldwide there is something for everyone at all budgets but importantly driven by science and results.

Anti Ageing Business: When choosing to align with a company for me it was important that it covered the 5 key areas everyone needs to be successful and offer longevity.

Trends: covering technology & social media, Health beauty & Anti-ageing, Flexible Remote working & sustainability. 

Company: nearly 50 markets, 37+ years, $3billion dollar brand, Trading on the NYSE.

Innovation: New products driven by science every year including the world no.1 at-home beauty device anti-ageing range.

Science: Over 75 in-house full-time scientists across 13 disciplines and 35+ PhD looking at a combined approach to anti-ageing and botanical prevention.

Financial: A company with impressive financials, AAA rating and paid out over 161 million in commissions last year (2020). If you are a practitioner, skin professional, business owner or looking to start your own business then you can choose to be supported and mentored in the process to grow your business globally with the choice of  The world no.1 anti-ageing technologies.

Nobel Prize-winning scanning for nutritional support and building via a health and prevention focus.

Adding a product line to your business offering that is superior quality, 6s quality checked and recommended and prescribed by physicians via the PDR -Retailing for customer satisfaction and trust and much more…

Professional Biography
Since the age of 16, I have owned my own business. As a daughter of professional championship dancers, I became a professional in dance teaching children and adults in styles such as ballroom, Latin, freestyle, rock’n’roll, ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, cheerleading.

Plus supporting and leading individuals through their professional examinations.

Back in the day, I was one of the first to bring Reebok step aerobics and Puma aeroskip and Fitkids to Scotland.

At the same time, I was also employed and I was gaining business, marketing and management skills in sectors such as Hairdressing, Travel and Lecturing.

I became an employer with premises and multiple businesses working over 80 hours per week as a single mum for over 15 years!!!

But my desire to get off the hamster wheel just as I turned 40 as my health was rapidly declining, my skin was suffering and I was feeling exhausted was stronger.

I became aware of the damage stress was doing to my skin and inner well being and after researching and going on a huge personal journey I now can give back and help support others.

5 years on I now help other smart, entrepreneurial, caring professionals and individuals all over the world to love themselves and help others become successful, have FUN, travel, and earn like a CEO without the hassle of being an employer and trade in 50 Countries without any additional costs.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
I should say supporting my family for 18 years on my own. But I am going to say recently helping many business owners to pivot in their business when their income streams were taken away from them as their business premises had to shut. The feeling when you are thanked for keeping a roof over a families head, food in the fridge and belief and mental clarity to amazing people who just want to help others.

Unique Selling Point
I would say ME! If you have never tried the products or the business with me then I would love to help you really fall in love with science, results and yourself.

Who is my ideal customer
People looking to increase their bodies natural ability to fight disease. People wanting to slow or target the signs of ageing and lastly business owners looking to add a comprehensive scientific approach to their business for the full 360 approaches to customer wellbeing.

Customer Testimonials
Anne Marie “I asked Sharon to look at my skin as I was feeling so down about how I was ageing after having a few years of loss and stress, I thought she just gave me a cream and that would be that. However, I was very wrong! Sharon did a full skin and lifestyle consultation with me, asked lots of questions, scanned my antioxidant levels and then we spoke about what was important to me. She could have sold me 10+ products but she listened to me, helped me build my confidence in the brand and see my antioxidant score rise over a short 90 days. In this time she helped me use the facial devices, build a skincare routine that made a huge impact, support me throughout but also educated me on internal support. I was overjoyed that my scan score went from 13,000 – 48,000 in 90 days as I was very sceptical. However the glow came back to my skin, my brain fog lifted and I had more energy. Over the last 3 years, I have been scanned each month to stay on track. This last year was a challenge but Sharon called me every month, we chatted and as the stress levels increased with family worries she helped me mix it up to support me and I scanned at 58,000 last week. I am delighted as I know without the focus on inner health I could have been in a very different place health-wise, but also I felt good and confident. Sharon will not just sell you anything she listens, she cares and she is a genuine friend to all.”

Anne Marie


“My teenage son was being bullied about the horrific acne on his face at school. Sharon took the time to understand the situation and my sons commitment to a routine, or lack of and she offered an affordable solution. In just 4 weeks the difference was incredible. His skin was clearing up he was sticking to a simple routine and his confidence was slowly building. I was emotional as its been a long road of lotions and steroids from the doctor that didn’t work! This was simple and effective. If he would only let me share the photographs but I love sending other teenagers mums to Sharon as I know they get the right recommendations without any ‘Hard Sell’


Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1.Feed your mind with positivity and gratitude.

2.Never sit in Judgement, Blame or Shame

3.Take 100% responsibility for everything positive and negative in your life

4.Direct your thoughts toward what you want and stay laser-focused

5. Your body is an INCREDIBLE MACHINE, support it, look after it & it will serve you good as you age.

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