Sotiris Bassakaropoulos – Digital Marketing Strategist, We Build Your Online Business, Build Your Funnels, Affiliate Marketing Coach

Sotiris Is The Digital Marketing Strategist At Your Holistic Academy.Com

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Name – Sotiris Bassakaropoulos 

Business Name  – Digimarketing Academy.Com

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Town/City – Lisburn 


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Mind Expertise – Personal Development Webmaster, Transformational Hypnosis Certification, Advanced Transformational Hypnosis Certification, 

Soul Expertise – How To Raise Your Energy And Vibration Online To Make More Sales

Business Description – Digital Marketing Strategist, WordPress Website/Blog Setup, Funnelbuilder Setup, Online Payment System Setup, Autoresponder Setup, Membership Sites Setup,Membership Site Course Creation Tips, Video Marketing Training, Social Media Setup And Training, Blogger,Webmaster Coach, And Affiliate Marketer

Business Category – Multiple Categories 

Products and Services Offered 

Business Blogs Setup

Funnel Page Setup

2 Hour Digital Marketing Breakthrough Session

How To Promote Your Business On Social Media

The Facebook Lead Machine

Professional Biography –  

QuoteYou Can Make Money Or You Can Make Excuses But You Can’t Do Both At The Same Time

Unique Selling Point – I don’t just hand you a website or funnelbuilder and let you get on with it. I spend countless hours with my team members and website buyers showing you how to use your blog and website and put together systems that can make you a passive income online for many years to come.

Who Is My Ideal Customer – Anyone who wants to start an online business, or wants to improve their online business and make it better by implementing better marketing strategies, booking systems, payment systems, automation tools to make you more money in your online business.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times 


  1. Write down 100 Business Ideas pick out the best 3 and pick one of them and get started.
  2. Invest in training to develop your skills knowledge and mindset.
  3. Invest in the best tools to make your online business work as efficiently and profitably as possible.
  4. Take action – Training and tools are worthless if you don’t use them by taking the necessary action in your business daily as well as using them.
  5. Check your attitude, going through life with a bad attitude is like driving around a car with a flat tyre. You won’t go very far.

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