Name  Susan Steele 

Business Description At Performance Breakthrough, we unlock the potential of children and adults who are challenged by learning, emotional and behavioural issues.

Business Category Mental well-being

Business Name  Performance Breakthrough


Telephone Number 07790245145

Town Donaghadee, Co. Down


Favourite Book The secret life of bees

Favourite Quote “If you can cherish all you have you’ll have everything you ever need”

Mind Expertise 

Body Expertise 

Soul Expertise 

Products and Services Offered
Practical parenting advice – A unique insight into the reasons why children display certain traits.

Adult mental health advice and support – A unique insight into how to deal with and eliminate anxiety, stress, and depression through the science of neuroplasticity.

The Performance Breakthrough program of balance and coordination exercises

My Greatest Achievement To Date
Unlocking my own children’s potential through finding the program.

Unique Selling Point
We deal with the root cause of these issues – We don’t provide coping strategies.

Who is my ideal customer
Someone who understands the importance of the body/mind connection

Customer Testimonials
Dr. Anish Anish – “Paediatric Consultant (Head of ADHD services in the Northern Trust) I am happy to recommend Performance Breakthrough which is a complete balance and coordination exercise program that encompasses every aspect of a child’s learning and sporting ability. It is also unique in that it offers 12 months of parental advice, support, and guidance. Susan Steele has provided the program for 10 years with over 700 children having made permanent progress in areas such as academic achievement, social awareness, sporting ability, behavioral issues, low concentration, difficulty sleeping, and eating, and many more symptoms. Many children have been able to cease medication for ADD and ADHD after just 6 months of completing the exercises. I have followed the progress of this program for the past 6 years and have heard many parents praise the work that Susan and her team do and the progress their children have made on the program.”

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
1. Try not to overload your child/teenager – Give them a bit of space.

2. Don’t give them a job to do every time they come out of their room – Offer them a cuppa!.

3. Try to understand that if they don’t follow an instruction straight away they may need a little time to process what you have said as their Auditory system may be underdeveloped.

4. Your child is not lazy – Their brains may not be sending a strong signal to their muscles which makes them tire very quickly.

5. Your child may be able to hear and see more clearly when they are moving. Their balance system may be underdeveloped which is why we use a unique, adjustable balance board to develop the vestibular/balance system that was underdeveloped at 5 months in the womb.

Call to Action 
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Anything You Want to Add
The program can successfully be delivered via zoom. This would facilitate adult clients who wish to complete a 30-minute session, twice per week, in their place of work.

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