Move Naturally

By Justin Eade Stepping outside with bare feet onto patio or grass feels uplifting on a warm sunny morning. It can feel grounding on a chilly winter evening too – especially if you’ve been indoors in shoes all day. There are many simple pleasures that just feel right. Reflecting on these natural tendencies is a […]

How Can You Be Sure You’re Not an Active Couch Potato?

I used to have a “proper” job. For many years, I worked as a Marketing Manager, chained to my desk for hours at an end. Don’t get me wrong: I loved my job, but my body did not, and things started to go horribly wrong in my late 20s.   It started out with carpal […]

The Importance of Sleep

Johann Callaghan - Sleep Coach

By Johann Callaghan – Certified Health and Sleep Science Coach, Author, Online Trainer, Podcaster Sleep is vital on all levels; physically, emotionally and mentally. Without adequate amounts, you feel sleepy.  You may also experience other obvious signs and symptoms such as crankiness, headaches, and/or trouble concentrating.  However, there are even more serious consequences of not […]