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The Gift of Embracing Life’s Natural Cycles

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Reconnect to Self as you manage your stress and health and transition well through change.

Lucy Townsley : ‘Bio-Hacking Menopause!’

Lucy Townsley shares her insights and strategies for embracing the Menopause.

  • Women are having children later in life, whilst working hard, causing anxiety and overwhelm and added stress on the family unit.
  • 60% of women leave or avoid promotion, at work – as they simply do not feel empowered to make a positive transition.
  • This leaves little time to connect to self and rest, let alone make time for human connection with our friends and families.
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Johann Callaghan : ‘Empowering Family Health’

Johann explains the Circadian Rhythm cycles and the consequent vicious cycles when we fall out of sync.  About 70% of people have insufficient sleep and are sleep deprived.

  • Your relationship with yourself suffers when you are self-deprived, so why do we take sleep for granted, often deliberately depriving ourselves of sleep?
  • How tiredness and fatigue influence the family dynamic – and everyone else around you – leading to poor wellbeing and relationship problems.
  • Take back your power for better sleep and create a healthy, happy home for you and your family.

Sharon Bannister :  ‘ Reconnect to your Unique Healing Power’

Sharon explores how so much of the conflict we see in the world, starts with stress in the home; and how to deal with it.  

  • We suffer when we are not being our authentic selves, as we transition through our natural life cycles.
  • Understanding that stress leads to chronic conditions is key to changing your attitude and reconnecting your mind to your body.
  • Tips to reconnect to self and to transition well and embrace change.

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