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Seamus Power
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Seamus Power
Powering Health
Health & Mindfulness Coaching Ireland

Help people realise the immediate, and longer term, performance and health benefits associated with developing improved stress responses.

Health and emotional wellbeing

Individual and group work in helping people make small but significant lifestyle tweaks. 

Each engagement is completely customised around the specific needs of the individual and individuals within groups.

For my entire career I have been a problem solver in a wide variety of different domains. This started in as a computer support engineer in the late 1980s. I still vividly recall one specific statement from one of the many training courses I took at that time: "fix the customer first and then focus on the technical problem". Listening, understanding and developing appropriate responses have underpinned how I approach most situations in my life since then.
I had great opportunities to grow and develop as a person through taking on new challenges in team leadership, business management, program management and continuous improvement roles that all influenced my decision to develop personal support services I offer through Powering Health today.
During my career, I have experienced the personal impact that rapidly changing lifestyle demands were having on my health and relationships. I learned that the pattern of working harder, faster and longer was something I could no longer sustain, and I observed I was not alone on this challenging journey. So I took steps to rebalance important aspects of my life which led me on a path to creating custom programmes to help others do similar.

Realising that the path to improved health, performance and happiness for many people lies in our ability to slow down and develop healthier conversations with ourselves.

Completing my MSc Health Psychology and the satisfaction of seeing people I work with experience the benefits of making and sustaining their small but significant lifestyle behaviour changes. 

Completely custom approach from the moment of initial engagement right through the process of helping people realise their priority areas for attention. Then working collaboratively in selecting specific adjustments that person can test, evaluate and tweak in helping realise and overcoming specific challenges that may have limited their ability to be at their best as often as they would have liked.

People who feel "stuck" in their lives and want the be at their best more often

I had tried for years to lose weight with limited or no success. The Powering Health programme gave me the tools to change my Mindset AND Behaviours. I have lost 15 Kilos in under 6 months and I am able to maintain my target weight effortlessly. Thank you for your support during this journey.

Slow down and breathe

Practice noticing and paying more attention to feedback from your body (for example increased heart rate, headache, gut "wrench").

Open up a conversation with yourself and those indicators to inquire why they may be arising at that particular time

Listen, process and accept the feelings for what they are - valuable feedback indicating there might be something you should check

Breathe into and accept the feedback as a gift from a caring friend. Think about what you could do to respond and sustain your ideal stress balance in your life