Name – Vivian Mckinnon Post Traumatic Growth Therapist & Hypnosis Dundonald

Business Name – Hydro-ease

Telephone Number – +447976564834

Email Address –

Town/City – Dundonald, Belfast


Body Expertise  – Energy Healing. Movement Therapy

Mind Expertise  – Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Hypnosis/Clinical Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Talk Therapy

Soul Expertise –  Healing Relationships

Business Description – Hydro-ease, in Dundonald on the outskirts of Belfast is the first dedicated floatation and wellness centre of its kind on the island of Ireland and has an original service offering built upon the unique skills, qualifications and life experiences of its owner, Vivian McKinnon.

Floatation involves the multiple healing and restorative benefits to be gained from relaxing in a cabin filled with 25 centimetres of body temperature water infused with half a tonne of Epsom Salt.

In a gravity-free environment the body, mind and spirit reset, recharges and reconnects to the true and authentic you.

Otherwise known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or REST, Floatation promotes a state of deep relaxation, allows the skeletal structure to align, increases the release of endorphins and enables the mind and nervous system to completely unwind

Vivian established Hydro-ease in response to surviving a troubled and traumatic childhood. Having transformed her own life, Vivian has now dedicated herself to helping others through the offer of floatation and transformational change work through her unique and highly effective RAFT programme

RAFT key elements of many effective modalities. Empowering you to identify and utilise the skills and tools in the life you have to create the life you desire.

Business Category – Floatation And Wellness

Products And Services Offered –

Professional Biography – Vivian McKinnon is the Founder and Managing Director of Hydro-ease, Northern Ireland’s only dedicated floatation Centre. She is also the founder of Wellness Consultant and the regional coordinator for SMART Recovery UK. A qualified and highly skilled and experienced transformational change practitioner, Vivian is committed to reducing the impacts of trauma and related symptoms. Using the latest approaches in neuroscience in unison with floatation therapy, Vivian has developed her own unique approach to healing and personal growth through her own program, RAFT (Reconnection and Floatation Therapy), to release people from the decisions and experiences of the past

An authentic and engaging trainer, multi-award-winning international Public Speaker, and Author Vivian firmly believes floatation and RAFT are the perfect antidotes to our modern frenetic world.

Having almost 3 decades of the lived experience of adverse childhood experiences, trauma, addiction, and shame she was introduced to floatation for the first time in 2004. After having a very profound and liberating experience she was keen to understand exactly what had just taken place. This seen her returning to education and training alongside some of the most captivating minds, in the world of the modalities she studied.

Quotation – The float gives you what you need when you need it. You can’t force it, you can’t ignore it, all you can do is surrender yourself to it and let go…

My Greatest Profession Achievement to date is – Winning businesswoman of the year for Northern Ireland in the UK National Business awards 2019 and being named in the top 100 UK Female entrepreneurs for the UK.

Unique Selling Point  – Me

Who Is Your Customer 

Testimonial  – Gabor Mate, Medical Doctor with a special interest in childhood development and trauma

My experience of floatation at Hydro-ease in Belfast was a lovely introduction to this modality of healing.

After my hour suspended in the pool, my body freed from all external tension and my mind spared all sensory overstimulation. I found myself in a state of relaxation and a feeling of pleasant anticipation.

I immediately saw how this technique could help ease many stress-related conditions in our frenetic culture

5 Tips For These Challenging Times

  1. Float!
  2. Take a deep breath and ask yourself. How am I? …  really
  3. Place cold water under your tongue and focus on your breath while thinking 5,4,3,2,1 5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel (internally and externally) 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, one thing you can taste
  4. Forgive yourself, and only then will you know real peace
  5. Sleep for 8 hours and drink 2 litres of water a day
  6. You are enough and always have been

I know it’s 6 but I like them all!




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