What is Emotional Intelligence? It is the ability to read your partner’s thoughts, emotions and feelings. It is the ability to use your knowledge of emotions to make decisions that will help your relationship to grow and strengthen. It is the ability to communicate well, and even more importantly, understand and recognize your partner’s emotions and desires.

What is Emotional Intelligence? All have different personalities, unique needs and wants, and various ways of expressing emotions. Navigating this all involves intelligence and tact – especially when trying to succeed at life. While we all have a natural instinct for what makes us feel good or help others, our capacity to control that instinct and express ourselves with the right tone and voice is often lost in our day-to-day lives.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to read your partner’s signals and use that information to improve your relationship and build stronger relationships. In today’s world of instant gratification and instant reactions, emotional intelligence can make a big difference in the way you lead and connect with your partner. You can help your relationship grow by recognizing how your emotions and reactions impact them, so you can better control them and understand them when they are being expressed.

When we communicate with our partners we are using some very powerful tools. We use words to communicate our thoughts, feelings and desires. We also use the body language and facial expressions to show those messages. But, we may be missing a key component to communication, the message that we are really communicating is their feelings and desires. If we do not recognize the emotion in our partner’s facial expression or body language then we cannot properly communicate those messages and meanings. If we do recognize and understand, we can respond to those messages and emotions more effectively.

This will make us better partners and better friends in our relationships. By being able to recognize and understand the emotions of the other person in our relationships we can begin to better understand what is happening in their minds and bodies, what they are feeling. This allows us to create a connection with the person we are with, where we can become more understanding and responsive to them.

As a relationship grows and matures, the partners need for that emotional intelligence will increase and they will require more support in order to properly communicate their needs and emotions. We are the ones who will hold the keys to this part of the relationship. If we are willing to listen, learn and take the time to help them learn how to be more responsive and empathetic with their own feelings we will create the bond that makes a strong and meaningful relationship. A loving relationship is about building a connection based on emotional intelligence.

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